Iranian three-cylinder euro-6 engine to hit market soon

August 22, 2020 - 20:36

TEHRAN – An Iranian knowledge-based company will supply the domestic market with the first three-cylinder euro-6 engine by the end of the current Iranian month (September 22), Sourena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology, told the Tehran Times in an interview on Saturday.

The production of this engine is the largest investment in the country's car manufacturing industry in the last decade, Sattari highlighted.

Low-consumption and high-powered car engines will be mass-produced in the Caspian industrial estate in Qazvin city by the end of this year, he stated.

A straight-three engine, also known as an inline-triple, is a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine with three cylinders arranged in a straight line or plane, side by side.

In these engines, cylinder number one fires, then 180° later cylinder number two fires, and then 180° later cylinder number three fires. There is no power stroke on the final 180° of rotation.

Inline three-cylinder engines are not limited to propelling motor vehicles. They may also be used in general industrial applications.

The full text will later be published.


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