Iran’s We Defeat Coronavirus Intl. Cartoon Contest announces finalists 

August 23, 2020 - 19:23

TEHRAN – The organizers of Iran’s We Defeat Coronavirus International Cartoon Contest has released the list of the 47 finalists, 15 of whom are Iranians.

The finalists included Abdullah Ibnu Thalhah and Armen Hamonangan from Indonesia, Agenor Bottene Neto, Bruno Luup, Cau Gomez and Dalcio Machado from Brazil, Ares from Cuba, Costel Patrascan from Romania, Darko Drljevic from Montenegro and Dmytro Skazheny from Ukraine.

The Iranian cartoonists include Ali Radmand, Ali Rastroo, Alireza Pakdel, Mehdi Akbari, Mahmud Azadnia, Mahnaz Yazdani, Majid Amini, Mansureh Dehqani and Mehdi Azizi. 

Turkish cartoonist Eray Ozbek has presided over the international jury, which is composed of cartoonists Spiro Radulovic from Serbia, Nikola Vorontsov from Russia, Liuyi Wang from China and Marcio Leite from Brazil.

The jury for the national section consists of Mohammad-Hossein Nirumand, Bahram Azimi, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai and Salman Mohazzabieh.

The contest is being organized by Iran’s Art Bureau in collaboration with the Health Ministry.

Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai, the director of the Art Bureau’s Visual Arts Office, has said that out of all the submissions, about 2000 cartoons were showcased for 28 days on, which was visited by 1,340,000 people. 

Iran participated in the contest with 436 cartoonists standing on top. Turkey came in next with 82 artists, and then India with 75, Indonesia with 70, Brazil with 48 and Russia with 30.

The organizers have not yet released an exact date for the closing day and awards ceremony.

Photo: A cartoon by Agenor Bottene Neto from Brazil.


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