Qajar-era mansion turned into eco-lodge unit

August 30, 2020 - 17:49

TEHRAN – The historical Bina mansion in the city of Khusf, eastern South Khorasan province, has recently been repurposed into an eco-lodge unit after being fully restored.

With a budget of two billion rials (about $48,000), the eco-lodge unit was inaugurated on Thursday on the occasion of the Government Week (August 24-30), the cultural heritage department general of the province announced.

The six-room eco-lodge, which is the city’s fourth eco-lodge unit, has generated job opportunities for 23 people.

Bina mansion, which dates back to the Qajar era (1789–1925), was inscribed on the National Heritage list in 2005.

The house has a central courtyard. It also has a porch with a crescent arch, as well as badgir (wind catcher).

South Khorasan province is home to many historical and natural attractions such as Birjand Castle, Dragon Cave, Furg Citadel, and Polond Desert.

It is also known for its famous rugs as well as its saffron and barberry which are produced in almost all parts of the province.

Iran announced in 2018 that 2,000 eco-lodges would be constructed across the country until 2021. Having a very diverse natural setting, Iran offers varied excursions to nature lovers. Sightseers may live with a nomad or rural family or enjoy an independent stay.

Experts say each eco-lodge unit generates jobs for seven to eight people on the average so that the scheme could create 160,000 jobs.


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