Saeed Jalili says Iran-China partnership will neutralize U.S. maximum pressure

September 13, 2020 - 23:4

TEHRAN - Saeed Jalili, a member of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, has said that the Iran-China 25-year comprehensive partnership will make the United States “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran ineffective.

During a meeting with heads of Basiji Students at the University of Tehran on Sunday, Jalili said that such partnership must be protected.

“However due to certain delays and lack of attention to priorities this plan, after some years, is still at a draft stage,” said Jalili who served as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator with the West during the Ahmadinejad presidency.

Jalili, who was secretary of Supreme National Security Council during the Ahmadinejad administration, also noted that interaction with other countries is Iran’s principled policy.

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on June 23 that Iran and China have drafted a 25-year plan for comprehensive cooperation which proves failure of the plots to isolate the Islamic Republic.

“This plan proves failure of the United States’ policies to isolate Iran, sever Iran’s relations with the international community and also to harm Iran’s will to expand relations with other countries,” Rabiei said during a press conference.

He said that the 25-year plan is based on a win-win approach which “heralds long term cooperation”.

“Recognizing cultural commonalities, encouraging multilateralism, supporting equal rights of the nations and insisting on domestic development are parts of this plan,” the government spokesman explained.

In a meeting on June 21, the cabinet of ministers approved the final draft of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation plan between Iran and China.


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