Restoration of 22 exquisite historical carpets completed

September 16, 2020 - 19:16

TEHRAN- The project of restoration, protection, washing, and organizing 22 exquisite and unique historical carpets was implemented in the Carpet Museum of Iran.

Carried out by Hossein Seif, a senior expert in the field of hand-woven carpets, the project aimed at dusting, washing, and repairing damaged carpets, as well as replacing the metal connections, the museum’s director Parisa Beyzaei said on Wednesday, ILNA reported.

One of the most important carpets restored in this project was the 19th-century Toodeshk carpet, which was woven in the central city of Na’in, Isfahan province, she added.

Na’in carpets are known globally and are famous for the delicate wool used in them as well as their excellent quality, color stability, strength, durability and accuracy and precision in the design.

Persian carpets are sought after internationally for their delicate designs and good quality. Over 5,397,000 tons of Iranian carpets, worth $424.451 million, were exported to over 70 countries with the U.S. standing on top of the importers' list, during the Iranian calendar year 1397 (ended March 20, 2019). Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as well as Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Ireland are major importers of Iranian carpet.


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