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URIDE unveiled its new "Shared Scooter System" at "World Car Free Day Ceremony"

September 26, 2020 - 16:10

This micromobility sharing program called URIDE, will officially start its activity in one month as a genuine response to the growing microtransit market in Iran. This project will include bicycles and electric scooters as shared transport.

URIDE revealed its scooter sharing system in a great ceremony for world car free day on Hijab street in Tehran and the project received positive and welcoming reactions by city managers, well known celebrities and common people.

The ambassador of Netherland also visited the system and hoped for further developments of such systems through the city to promote clean transportation.

The manager of the Office of Clean Transportation invited the company board for a meeting to discuss the details and the process of licensing.

Mitra Hajjar, a well known Iranian actress, rode a shared URIDE scooter and found it "wonderful".

Hamid Moradi, the business development manager of URIDE, explained that the electronic and software technology of this system was developed by experts at Arsh company. He emphasized that running these kinds of sophisticated systems through cities require high budgets and that public or private partnerships with municipalities are recommended in order to promote and develop such clean transportations systems.

URIDE coming soon to cities of Iran.

URIDE's bicycle and scooter sharing system will be provided to users by URIDE app where users can find and access scooters and bicycles in the areas within their reach, lock and unlock the vehicles and pay the fee after the trip is over.

It is noteworthy that URIDE's shared bicycle and scooter system will soon be accessible to citizens of Tehran and those interested in the development of clean transportation can soon use these vehicles for transportation through the city.

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