By Abir Bassam

American threats of assassinations: What follows?

September 26, 2020 - 20:50

It seems that American President Donald Trump is greatly enjoying the game of power. He must have lost his balance as a credible businessman to becoming a genuine cowboy, raising his pistol, and shooting all around. His ego is becoming more inflated every day. This was bluntly expressed on the 16th of September in his interview on Fox News, bragging his decision to assassinate another state's president.

However, Trump is a typical image of the white European settlers of the new world. They would kill and shed blood to get things done in their own way, a symbol of power in any Hollywood action movie, which simply justifies the nature of the Americans portrayed and created in Hollywood and Western media.

The issue may not be that simple. However, this is one way to understand the policy that the official American caretaker applies for the justification of assassination. The other way is to blackout the non-humanitarian actions the American soldiers are practicing during the military campaigns and labeling the citizen in the occupied states as terrorists. That is exactly what the Hollywood industry reinforces in the minds of the youths and adults.

This strategy has been working in the USA for more than a century till now. At every stage, a new enemy is portrayed. In the 1930s and the 1940s, the American society's enemies were the Italians and Irish descended families. They represented the Mafia Syndicates, which manipulated law and order. In the 50s and on, it was Communism, which was portrayed as a great danger to the American unique lifestyle.

In the 70s, in particular, after the October War in 1973, the enemy was and still is the Palestinians, the Syrians, and the Arab figures. However, after the Iranian revolution in 1979, the enemy was a unique mixture of Arab- Islamic terrorists that are rich idiots who enslave women.

In the 80s, Beirut was the greatest theme. It was the capital of chaos and weapons, which was represented as the Bronx of all the world's Bronxes. In the 90s, it was Kabul, Iran, Russians, and the Syrians in particular. The great American people were actually manipulated and prepared to accept a bold witty white man such as Trump, who may mount the podium and brag about his intention to assassinate president Assad of Syria in 2017 in a TV interview.

Hence, Trump was playing the well-established American cinematic game: the good guys and bad guys. While he was expressing his intentions to liquidate President Assad, his secretary of defense, the war man, James Mattis, refused. This widely open declaration would cause governments' fall in any other part of the world, except for Israel, of course. However, since Trump is going to make America great again, this will hold as great propaganda among his voters.

In an American movie that was released in 1990, "the Two Jacks," Jack Nicholson plays the role of a detective, who was supposed to expose the wife's lover's name. The lover was killed by the husband in a rage of temper.
Since the detective is our hero, he reveals the secrets behind the attempted murder. Simply, the dying husband wanted to save his wife's stolen fortune once he passes away. The investigations led to the interference of a powerful man, Mr. Boyden, who was the owner of the biggest oil company in Louis Angeles. With the help of the lover, the company stole the wife's hidden fortune under her land. When our great detective confronted Boyden, the latter said to him: "the name of the game is oil."

Oil makes the cars and factories run. Cars need building bridges and roads. Bridges cross the cities that need to be built. Oil is the essence of industry and progress. If you hold back the oil from reaching any state, even the bakeries will not work, and we can measure accordingly. That is exactly why Trump wanted to keep the Syrian oil, and control its sale to China, and so on.

In the United States, every step or decision the president makes in the first four years of the presidential period is an election campaign. It aims to promote the prosperity of the Americans "supposedly" and the big companies, Israel's security, which is an American establishment, and oil.

The Americans would kill and assassinate anyone who would obstruct the American control over the oil fields or the oil pipelines, whether it was the assassination of a leader, a scientist, or even a terrorist. However, to discuss the assassination of a president or leaders as bluntly as Trump did reflects one of the two following reactions, which were clearly stated.

The first one was by the Syrian Foreign Ministry. It said Trump's statements about targeting al-Assad confirm that this administration represents "a rogue and outlaw state that uses the same methods the terrorist organizations use to kill and liquidate without any regards to legal, humanitarian, moral controls, or rules in order to achieve their interests in the region."

The second was by the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hossein Salami, who commented on Trump's talk of his "planning" to assassinate Syrian President al-Assad, by describing him as "lacking a political mind." Salami considered that the U.S. is losing its common sense as a great power.

It is also important to keep in mind that war of eliminations and assassinations was led through the history of the power struggle. However, in modern history, it requires blunt and vulgar leaders such as Trump or the Israeli regime's leaders to assassinate scientists and intellectuals in the region such as Emad Mughniyeh, General Qassem Soleimani, and Syrian lieutenant General Mohammad Suleiman in 2008, who was the trusted officer with Hezbollah and the Syrian commandment in Damascus. He was a mechanical engineer who participated in developing the famous Cornet, the conqueror of the Merkava.

The partial list that was put ahead of the leaders targeted by the Americans or by the Israelis fall within the same policy, which the two conniving parties have been trying to impose since the end of the Second World War.
Now the American department is leading the region into normalization agreements with Israel. Therefore, Trump's declaration holds within threats of assassination to the Syrian president, in case of his refusal to be part of the agreement in the Middle East (West Asia) or the Arab region in particular. It is all in support of Israel's security and prosperity. It is difficult to see Trump's announcement outside this box. In addition, Trump is a showman. He believes that any publicity is good publicity.

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