Travel book featuring Mt Damavand, ‘the roof of Iran’, unveiled

October 1, 2020 - 1:0

TEHRAN – A book featuring Mount Damavand, which is widely known as “the roof of Iran”, was unveiled on Wednesday.

Co-authored by Iranian researchers and writers Sepideh Taqibakhshi and Mohammad Ebrahimi, the book puts the spotlight on the natural, cultural, and eco-tourist attractions of the 5600 meters high mountain, which is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia.

It also includes stories about the travel facilities, attractions, the flora and fauna, human settlements, and the history of mankind in Damavand and its surroundings.

The peak of Damavand is permanently covered with snow during the entire year. The most important thermal springs are Ask and Larijan. The flora and fauna is very rich and include about 2000 plant species. There are numerous endemic species which are important to flora of the world.

In good weather, the dramatic mountainous vistas around Damavand are attraction enough, and there are pleasant hot springs for a soak in nearby Abgarm village, and skiing in season at Abali, on the way from Tehran. Most people who head out this way, however, will do so to climb the peak. Start by heading to the large, comfortable Polour Mountain Complex (2270m), built by the Iran Mountaineering Federation – the best place to acclimatize before attempting the south and west face routes. The climbing season is from June to September, or May to October for experienced climbers.