By Diego Vida

Macron defending the Atheism pushing to insult Islam and Christianity, but not the Hebraism?

October 31, 2020 - 15:16

Mr. Macron, this is an open letter to you to ask a question: why do you permit the ethnocentrism against Muslims and Christians through Charlie Hebdo comic and other media outlets?

Not only Hebrews but also Muslims and Christians are Semitics.

Merely claiming that a country like yours is "secular" doesn't mean you are allowed to insult Islam in a caricature. 

Otherwise, I should ask you how would do you feel/react if some other media would draw an offensive comic on the Hebraism? 

You also allow the media of an Atheist country to insult Christianity over and over, but how would do you feel if your media could do the same thing against the Hebraism? 
Don't you think laws should be equal for everyone? 

Why don't you say the truth about these terrorists as they are the fake refugees from Africa whom your government forces all the states through the UN to let them in Europe every day without having a passport, ID cards, police records, and medical certification? 

I'm sorry about your country for this terrorist crime against innocents, because in my country, also, these attacks are happening every week. But you should say to all of your citizens that you are sorry for an upcoming civil war in your country.

By the way, I give you a tip: "Allah Akbar" is the same thing that Christians and Hebrews of West Asia say too. Allah means God, not something else. So if someone would say "God is great", is that radical?!

Please learn more about it and stop importing mercenaries from your colonies in Africa to blame Muslims for your political business purposes.

Your motto is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

Unfortunately, I don't see any Freedom, Equality, or Brotherhood.

But I see Zionism, Imperialism, Slavery.

Regards and blessings.

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