Iranian play “Labor” wins best script award at Red Curtain International

November 30, 2020 - 18:47

TEHRAN – Iranian play “Labor” won the award for best script at the Red Curtain International on Sunday in the U.S. city of Marietta, Georgia.

The best individual performance, best ensemble, most innovative use of technology, best direction and best production were also awarded by the organizers on Sunday, “Labor” writer Mahana Narimani told the Persian service of ILNA on Monday.

“Labor” has been produced by the Gaze Theater Group. Narimani also directed the play, which was performed by a cast composed of Mona Arbasi, Mobina Ruzbehani, Sepideh Mazaheri, Kimia Nahrein and Narimani herself. 

A year has passed since the Filoviridae Virus has spread all over the world and decreased the world’s population by 50% when four women in their ninth month of pregnancy enter a governmental institute to undergo different screening processes by which their parenting, survival and other abilities are to be tested. If selected, they will receive the recently discovered, very expensive and very rare vaccine. However, since this is a life and death situation, it has its own costs.

“I wrote the play two years ago and I imagined that such a virus would perhaps spread 50 years later, not one year later,” Narimani said.

“Following the outbreak of coronavirus, I translated the play into English to submit it to several international festivals,” she added.

The play does not intend to place women against men, she said, and added that it speaks only about humanity.    

Narimani has previously staged “Ground Zero”, “Machinist” and several other of her plays at Tehran’s theater.

A jury composed of members from the Philippines, Singapore, India, Italy, Finland, the UK and the USA select winners from the finalists from Brazil, the USA, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and Singapore.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the finalists gave their performances through the Zoom platform.   

Photo: This file photo shows Mahana Narimani performing “Ground Zero” at Tehran’s Mashyekhi Theater. 


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