Webinar to discuss AI in tourism

December 16, 2020 - 21:1

TEHRAN- An online seminar will be discussing the role of artificial intelligence in the tourism industry on Saturday with shifting the focus on museology, and museum management.

Organized by the tourism ministry in collaboration with the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the committee of new tourism businesses at the Iran Chamber of Commerce, the session will review the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, its irreplaceable role in increasing productivity, decision-making accuracy, creative achievements, innovations, and staff and experts empowerment, ILNA reported on Tuesday. 

Iranian scholar Yahya Tabesh and ICOM-Iran director Seyyed Ahmad Mohit-Tabatabaei are scheduled to give speeches on developing business strategies, intelligent information services, and their links with the tourism industry, the report added.  

The participants will also exchange views on the capabilities of the tourism industry in the sustainable development of the country, the need to synchronize with the latest technologies in the world, increasing creativity, growth, and innovation in various sectors of tourism and museum management. 

By making a profound breakthrough in technology, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI contributes to creative and complex activities, strategic decision-making, and modeling and simulation. 

Using artificial intelligence, tasks that normally require the use of human intelligence and decision-making power can be delegated to machines and robots, which could save resources and increase productivity while reducing the likelihood of error.

One of the most common usages of artificial intelligence in the tourism industry is to provide online customer service in hotels, travel agencies, museums, historical sites, and recreational centers in such a way that all questions and requests can be answered and guided without human intervention. It could also identify the needs, tastes, and expectations of the customers of this industry by observing and analyzing user interactions, searches, and other activities within the tourism website and platforms. 

Many tourism businesses use artificial intelligence to process and analyze their financial and business data, and artificial intelligence will create a fundamental change in various sectors of the tourism industry in near future. 


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