Steven Heine’s “Cultural Psychology” appears in Persian 

January 2, 2021 - 19:8

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Steven J. Heine’s “Cultural Psychology” has recently been published by SAMT, an Iranian publisher that provides textbooks for university students.

The book has been translated into Persian by a team of translators under the supervision of editor Ali Fat’hi Ashtiani.

The most contemporary and relevant introduction to the field, “Cultural Psychology” is unmatched in both its presentation of current, global experimental research and its focus on helping students to think like cultural psychologists.

Writing in a clear and engaging voice, Heine builds his text around many of psychology’s most enduring questions about identities, motivations, emotions and relationships. The text incorporates examples from around the world and from everyday life to make the material relevant to a wide range of students. 

Research methods are emphasized throughout in order to demonstrate how cultural psychologists study the close-knit relationship between culture and the ways one thinks and behaves. Three unique chapters bring an interdisciplinary dimension to the text, examining cultural evolution, mental health and morality from the perspective of cultural psychology.

Heine is a distinguished university scholar and professor of social and cultural psychology at the University of British Columbia. Heine’s pioneering research has challenged key psychological assumptions in self-esteem, meaning and the ways that people understand genetic constructs. 

He is the author of many acclaimed journal articles and books in the fields of social and cultural psychology. In 2016, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Previously SAMT has published Persian translations of “Organizational Behavior in Sport” by James Skinner and Bob Stewart by Nahid Atqia and Zahra Amiri, and Jennifer M. Scarce’s book “Women’s Costumes of the Near and Middle East” by Maryam Sarbandi Farahani.

Photo: Cover of the Persian translation of Steven J. Heine’s book “Cultural Psychology”.


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