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Nothing is impossible

January 3, 2021 - 15:4

Kamran Atta, born in March 1975 in Tehran one of the very well-known Iranian pop singers, has released his first English track. He has covered many hits in English, but this time, he made his own.

Kamran will be the first Iranian who had this chance to sing in English and be broadcasted by Iranian media. His first album, Impossible, released in 2008, includes two songs he covered from the legendry artist Paul Anka, “Papa” and “My Way.”

He named his first album Impossible because it took about 8 years to get all the necessary approvals, making it somehow impossible. Luckily the album was released and received a lot of attention and support from his fans.

“I’m Alive” is the name of his new original English song. The story behind his words is simply the late condition of most people around the world who are struggling with pandemic that covid-19 has created.

So far, Kamran has 3 albums and many single tracks, “Last Glance” is one of them, which became a hit song in 2011. You can listen to his songs on major platforms.

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