Iran ready to help restore al-Biruni’s mausoleum in Afghanistan

January 31, 2021 - 22:2

TEHRAN - Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts on Sunday said that the Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan to restore and renovate the mausoleum of Persian scholar and polymath Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, which is located in the city of Ghazni.

Furthermore, Mounesan tasked his deputy for cultural heritage affairs to make the necessary arrangements with Afghanistan for the reconstruction of the mausoleum as soon as possible, CHTN reported. 

“As the mausoleum has been destroyed and is in a bad condition. And Iranian restorers and experts could soon start the reconstruction and restoration of the historical structure,” the minister added. 

He also noted that Iranian experts have a worthy knowledge in the field of restoration of the historical and aging monuments and structures; therefore they could be a good asset to their Afghan counterparts.  

Born in the 10th century in Iran’s Khorasan, Al-Biruni was a Muslim astronomer, mathematician, ethnographist, anthropologist, historian, and geographer. He became the most original polymath the Islamic world had ever known.

The top scholar wrote tens of books, most of which were on astronomical and mathematical subjects. His book on Indian culture is by far the most important of his encyclopedic works. Listing his works is relatively easy, for he himself produced an index of his works up to when he was about 60 years old. However, he lived well into his seventies, and, since some of his surviving works are not mentioned in this index, the index is a partial list at best. Adding all the titles in the index, as well as those found later, brings his total production to 146 titles, each averaging about 90 folios. Almost half of the titles were on astronomical and mathematical subjects. Only a minuscule number of his output, 22 titles, has survived, and only about half of that has been published.


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