First Kilim museum makes debut in Sirjan 

February 8, 2021 - 21:5

TEHRAN –A cultural heritage museum, dedicated to kilim and hand-woven textiles by rural and nomad people, was inaugurated on Sunday in the city of Sirjan, southeastern Kerman province. 

The museum, which is the first of its kind in the region, aims at introducing and promoting hand-woven products especially Shiriki Pich Kilims of Sirjan as a unique souvenir of the region, the provincial tourism chief Fereydun Faali said during the inauguration ceremony. 

With an area of 620 square meters, the museum also aims at holding weaving kilim workshops and training the crafters, the official added. 

The visitors can watch artisans and weavers while they are weaving different textiles, which is one of the unique features of the museum, he explained. 

He also expressed hope that considering the tourism and handicraft capacities of the region, the participation of domestic and foreign investors would be provided in near future.

Sirjan, which was named the world city of hand-woven kilim by the World Council of Handicrafts in 2017, is located in the southeastern province of Kerman.

High quality and innovations in patterns and colors of Shiriki Pich Kilims make them popular.

Unlike common kilims, which are made without using knots, Shiriki Pich of Sirjan is made by knotted weaves and is considered something between carpets and kilims.

This kilim is rarely woven based on a premade pattern. Therefore almost all Sirjan kilims are unique and no two similar pieces can be found.

The choice of colors using in the kilims is depended on the mood and emotions of the weavers, who are mostly nomad women that weaving is their daily routine as well as their main source of income.


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