Resilient economy conference held in Tehran

February 17, 2021 - 14:46

TEHRAN - The seventh annual conference of resilient economy was held in Tehran on Wednesday through video conference, IRIB reported.

Held on the anniversary of the announcement of the general policies of Iran’s resistance economy, the mentioned conference aims to identify challenges and present policy solutions based on the resistance economy model.

This year's conference was mainly focused on regional trade. In this regard, the event covered a variety of areas including the role of regional bilateral and multilateral trade in international relations, interaction with trans-regional economic unions and programs, introducing strategies for boosting domestic production through regional trade, and the government's responsibilities in developing regional trade.

Over the past years, and especially since the re-imposition of the U.S. sanctions on the Iranian economy, the country has been pursuing a “resilient economy” that is less dependent on oil, and more focused on developing other aspects of domestic production.

In this regard, the Iranian government has been defining several prioritized projects each year under the framework of a plan for moving toward the prospects of the oil-free resilient economy, and a Resilient Economy Command Headquarters has also been established to supervise the affairs related to these projects and ensure a smooth and continuous movement toward the mentioned goals.

The annual conference of the resilient economy is an event held annually to review the achievements of the mentioned projects and to explore new prospects for further achieving the goals of the mentioned macro plan.


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