Ambassador says Iran ready to assist Iraq in security affairs

February 28, 2021 - 17:54

TEHRAN – In an interview with Iraq’s Kurdish TV channel Rudav on Sunday, Iraj Masjedi, Iran's ambassador to Iraq, says that Tehran is ready to assist Iraq in security affairs if needed, according to the IRNA news agency.

Iran favors restoration of full security in Iraq, never supports those who intend to weaken Iraq’s security, and in pursuit of such policies Tehran is even ready help Iraq, Masjedi stressed.

He emphasized that the existence of foreign forces in Iraq is not only of no value but leads to further insecurity and tension both in Iraq and the region as well.

Iran resolutely believes that the security forces of the Iraqi central government and the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan Region can ensure security without foreign forces, Iran's ambassador to Baghdad added. 

The diplomat added, “Iran’s relations with all different Iraqi governments after the collapse of Saddam’s despotic regime have been friendly and constructive.” 

Iran’s current relations with various Iraqi groups are satisfactory and even better than before, especially after Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s recent visit to Tehran and his consultations and agreements with Iranian officials.

The Iranian diplomat also said the 1975 Algiers Agreement on common borders is registered at the UN and is still the basis and currently there is no plan to redraw any new map on shared borders.
“The thing to be done at the time being is the rearrangement and full implementation of the 1975 Algiers Agreement in full collaboration between the two countries,” he said, adding that only some small parts have remained undecided in that agreement that are of trivial importance.
“At any rate, there is no agreement on setting up new border posts, or defining new borders,” he underlined.

 ‘Iran opposes violation of security of diplomatic centers’

Masjedi also stressed that Iran opposes the violation of the security of diplomatic centers in Iraq.
“I tell you quite clearly that the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to any kind of breaching of the security of diplomatic centers in any country, including Iraq, and has always condemned such attacks,” the ambassador said when asked about Iran’s position toward missile attacks on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. 

Ambassador Masjedi further reiterated that the security of diplomatic centers needs to be preserved fully and there is no difference between the U.S., and any other country’s embassies.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s diplomatic centers in Iraq have faced more severe attacks than the American centers, citing examples of the Iranian consular offices in the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, both of which were also subjects for arsons,” he told Rudav.

Pointing to the presence of foreign forces in Iraq, he said, “Iran believes every Iraqi citizen has the right to enjoy full security and if the Iraqi government wishes, Iran is ready to assist Iraq in restoration of security in this country, including the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan province.”

“Iran’s stand about the presence of foreign forces in the region is quite clear and that is: there is no need for the presence of foreign forces of NATO, or any other country in the Iraqi Kurdistan, in entire Iraq, or in the region,” he added. 

Masjedi emphasized that the security of the region, either in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or any other regional country need to be ensured by the regional countries’ their own forces.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s relations with the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan province, including the Iraqi Kurdish leaders, is brisk and satisfactory for both sides, and there are absolutely no differences of opinion to be resolved,” Iran’s envoy to Iraq remarked.  
“Yet, fine relations, too, are relative and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relations with the Iraqi Kurdistan, for instance, can be further improved if the entire existing opportunities for strengthening and improvement of ties are maximally used,” he stressed.


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