U.S. that has been trading arms at cost of Yemenis’ blood will remain shameful in history: Iran

March 3, 2021 - 19:14

TEHRAN - Iran on Wednesday rejected the unfounded allegations by the U.S. secretary of state against Tehran with regard to Yemen, saying the United States which has been selling arms to the countries that have been pounding Yemen for six years at the cost of the “blood” of the Yemeni people will remain “disreputable in history”.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said invaders and their accomplices which have realized that their “anti-human military strategy” against the resistant people of Yemen have ended in failure are trying to deflect attention from their crimes but this will remain in the “historical memory” of the Yemeni people and the world at large.

Dismissing the accusations by Antony Blinken, Khatibzadeh said the Americans, who must be held “accountable” for their crimes in Yemen, 
“cannot make groundless accusations against others as a plaintiff.”

In remarks on Tuesday, Blinken accused Iran of interfering in Yemen, claiming Iran is fanning “the flames of the conflict, threatening greater escalation, miscalculation, and regional instability.”

Khatibzadeh also criticized the new U.S. administration’s failure to take a practical measure to end the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen, saying it is repeating its predecessor’s mistake of leveling unfounded allegations and ignoring the realities on the ground.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s stances have been clear since the outset of the Yemen war, as we have always emphasized that there is no military solution to the crisis in Yemen,” he added.

The four-point plan put forward by Iran is still a basic solution for the settlement of the crisis in Yemen, Khatibzadeh stressed, adding Iran supports the UN efforts to ensure peace and resolve the conflicts in Yemen.




  • 2021-03-03 20:48
    Blood Trade" is the NOLY trade the "west" knows. The "west" has been in "BLOOD TRADE", rape, pillage, plunder, genocide for at least the last 400 years. Everything you see in the "west" has been stolen through the "BLOOD TRADE"! The "west" is the biggest terrorist in the world and history! Javeed IR

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