Iranian cultural delegation attends Baloch Culture Day in Quetta

March 5, 2021 - 18:46

TEHRAN – A delegation of Iranian cultural figures attended Baloch Culture Day that was celebrated across Balochistan in Pakistan last week with different shows and programs.

The Iranian delegation headed by the director of the Iranian Cultural Center, Hassan Vaqefi, attended the program in the Pakistani city of Quetta along with Pakistani cultural officials and artists. 

Different celebrations and cultural events were organized in different districts, and musicians from Balochistan gave performances at the event.

The musicians helped introduce the culture of the region in their songs focusing on the handicrafts, traditions and hospitality of the people of the region. 

The Pakistani officials expressed thanks to the Iranian delegation, and emphasized Iranian and Pakistani cultural, historical and social commonalities, especially the two neighboring Baloch provinces, and asked the Iranian cultural office to organize festivals and cultural exhibits with the participation of Iranian musicians and artists.

For his part, Hassan Vaqefi expressed his congratulations for the day, and said that Iran is planning to organize a joint cultural festival with the participation of Iranian artists in collaboration with the cultural office of Quetta. The event will include an exhibition of Iranian handicrafts and film screening sessions.

“Iran and Pakistan have many joint commonalities while there are many Persian-speaking poets in Balochistan who compose poetry in Persian,” he added.

Photo: Pakistani musicians perform during the Baloch Culture Day in Quetta.


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