Tehran Subway expands stations

March 5, 2021 - 15:22

TEHRAN - The total number of Tehran Subway stations increased to 132 by inaugurating two stations in line 7 of the underground transport system on Thursday.

Some 5.8 trillion rials (around $140 million at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials) have been spent on the project, ISNA quoted Tehran Mayor Pirooz Hanachi as saying.

Under the situation of sanctions, most of the equipment for the two stations has been provided for the first time by domestic suppliers, Hanachi added.

The national train, eighty percent of which has been designed and manufactured inside the country, will be unveiled by the end of the current [Iranian calendar] year (March 20), he added.

Subway line 7 is 22 kilometers long. With 23 stations the line also connects southeastern Tehran to northwestern parts of the city. The subway line was first partially opened in June 2017 but was closed due to safety issues in November 2017. Tehran subway line 7 was partially reopened in mid-July with 5 stations stretching over 6 kilometers.

Tehran subway system consists of five operational lines, stretching to 170 kilometers, and lines 6 and 7 are partially opened. The lines link south to north, east to west, and are gradually covering more neighborhoods.

By completing the two aforementioned lines 70 kilometers will be added to the current railways.



  • 2021-03-06 06:29
    Those who were importing those equipment that could have been produced and supplied by Iranian manufacturers but rather chose to import them with the purpose to become millioners over night ought to be prosecuted and forced to return what they have taken away back to the government.

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