Amazing Kang is where the roof of one house is the yard of another

May 11, 2021 - 19:15

The hill-stepped village of Kang is a heaven for photographers and travels who seek off-the-beaten tracks.

The village is home to tens of bizarre-shaped houses that the roof of one is a yard of another on the highlands of Mount Binalud in northeast Iran.

Kang, with an antiquity of more than 3,000 years, is situated at a distance of some 30 km from Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi province. The village is also adjacent to Nishabur, known for its turquoise handicrafts and mines.

The village offers its visitors a bizarre scene of architecture that can more or less be found in other parts of the country; each house is built on another’s rooftop, most of which having porch-balconies and earthen roofs.

Upon getting there and all along the way towards atop, sightseers can perpetuate their visit by capturing amazing pictures of hospitable people and their hillside houses.

Kang is a contender as ‘Khorasan’s Masuleh’ that is also a homogenous stepped village of stacked mud-brick homes in northern Iran.

The millennium-old Masuleh is arranged to be assessed by UNESCO experts for becoming a World Heritage.  


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