Mount Shahvar in Semnan wins national heritage status

May 24, 2021 - 20:0

TEHRAN – Mount Shahvar, the highest peak in the north-central province of Semnan, has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced the inscription on Monday in a letter to the governor-general of the province, IRNA reported. 

Located north of Shahroud, the 3900-meter Mount Shahvar is one of the popular natural sites of the region. 

The main population centers of Semnan province lie along the ancient Silk Road (and modern-day Imam Reza Expressway), linking Rey (Tehran) with Khorasan (Mashhad). While few visitors spend much time in the area, driving through you can easily seek out several well-preserved caravanserais (notably Dehnamak and Ahowan), cisterns (the Cafe Abenbar in Garmsar is a special treat), and ruined mud citadels (Padeh is lumpy but fascinating). The large, bustling cities of Semnan, Damghan, and Shahrud (Bastam) all have a small selection of historic buildings and Semnan has a fine old covered bazaar.

Having an opulent tourist circuit with 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which the vast Hyrcanian Forest and Lut Desert are among the natural properties, Iran seeks to acquire a greater share of the global tourism industry by 2025.


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