Specialized coin museum to be established in Kordestan

May 29, 2021 - 20:32

TEHRAN – Cultural heritage authorities of Kordestan province are slated to establish a museum dedicated to historical coins and currency. 

Coins from different historical eras of Iran and other countries will be displayed in the museum in the city of Qorveh, the tourism chief of the western city announced on Saturday.

Covering an area of 250 square meters, the museum is expected to generate over six job opportunities following its inauguration, Mohammad Moradi added. 

According to Encyclopedia Iranica, coins and coinage, standardized units of metal used as a medium of exchange, were first introduced into Persia by the Achaemenid Darius I (521-486 BC).

Before modern times the Persian economy consisted of a conglomeration of regional economies, each with a mint and a currency system geared to local commerce, rather than an integrated national economy. For this reason, it is more sensible to study changes in the output (weight, fineness) of a single mint over time, rather than trying to arrive at an estimation of a nonexistent national norm.

The name Kordestan refers to the region’s principal inhabitants. After the Turkish invasion of Iran in the 11th century CE (Seljuq period), the name Kurdistan was applied to the region comprising the northwestern Zagros Mountains. 

It was during the reign of Abbas I the Great of Iran’s Safavid dynasty (1501–1736) that the Kurds rose to prominence, having been enlisted by Abbas I to help stem the attacks of the marauding Uzbeks from the east in the early 17th century.


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