“Lift Your Mood” on depression published in Persian

June 1, 2021 - 19:2

TEHRAN - Robert E. Wubbolding’s book “A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Depression: Lift Your Mood” has been published in Persian. 

Translated into Persian by Abuzar Golvarz, the book was published by Arjmand Publications. 

The book targets individuals suffering from depression while offering practical methods to treat hopelessness, emotional pain, or indecisive moods. 

Wubbolding is a world-renowned teacher, author and practitioner of reality therapy, and the director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In an introduction to the book, he wrote, “Do you, your family, or your friends have a sense of being ‘down in the dumps?’ Do you ever use phrases even more graphic or even unspeakable to describe your current situation?”

“If so, you will find help and encouragement in this book by using the techniques and suggestions contained on these pages. 

“If this happens to just one person, I would know that my time and effort is more than worthwhile”.

The book provides usable ideas for those who fall in occasional depression moods of discouragement or pessimism, and according to the introduction, the trigger of a better choice or a more appropriate pathway is what will lead to a successful therapy. 

He points to the five needs based on choice theory in his book, and explains the WDEP system which consists of Wants, Doing, Evaluation and Planning as part of his reality therapy, whereby the “Wants” of the depressed individual is explored before determining what they are “Doing” to achieve those “Wants”.

Consequently, a practical action plan is offered after evaluating the Wants and the Doings. 

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Robert E. Wubbolding’s book “A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Depression: Lift Your Mood”.


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