Elections will strengthen Iran’s soft power, Army chief says 

June 13, 2021 - 22:10

TEHRAN – Army Commander Adbolrahim Mousavi said on Sunday that the presidential election is an opportunity to reinfroce Iran’s soft power and promote of the status of the country in the West Asia region.

Major General Mousavi made the remarks in a congress of senior Army officials which was broadcast through videoconference to all Army units across the country.

“An enthusiastic election will act like a strong shield in the face of plots of enemies and provide an opportunity to strengthen the soft power of the system and elevate the status of the country in the region,” the Army chief opined.

The top general said voting is a “natural right” that citizens should make use of it and fulfil their responsibilities.

Pointing to the importance of voting, the Army commander said, “The rate of participation in the election shows the level of awareness and people’s insight.”

People’s participation in the elections is “directly related to their destiny,” he pointed out.

Elections will make the foes more disappointed and will “carry a clear and important message for them,” Mousavi remarked.

“Since long time ago the foes tried to make people disappointed about the future through their media and inspire this idea that participation or non-participation of people in the elections will have no effect on their destiny.”

He predicted that people will participate in the polls enthusiastically and will disappoint the enemies.

The senior commander went on to say that problems will be resolved “only through massive participation and insightful voting.”

Noting that the elections will send a positive image of Iran to the world, the commander said election will reduce foreign threats, help lift sanctions and also increase determination for economic transactions and foreign investment.

He also requested the army personnel to encourage the qualified members in their families to participate in the elections.

Only persons who are 18 are qualified to vote.

“All of us should have an accurate and deep view  toward domestic, regional and international conditions, the country’s needs and major issues, and the criteria for the most qualified person (candidate),” the major general remarked.

He also suggested “we all should avoid sensational behavior” and consider “national interests” in the elections.

The presidential elections will be held on Friday. The final round of presidential debates was held on Saturday. Seven candidates are competing with each other for the post of president.

If some candidates don’t withdraw candidacy, the election may go a runoff.

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