TEDPIX gains nearly 9,000 points on Monday

June 14, 2021 - 14:4

TEHRAN- After several days of decline, TEDPIX, the main index of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), finally grew on Monday.

The index climbed 8,990 points to 1.15 million, as over 6.464 billion securities worth 47.492 trillion rials (about $1.13 billion) were traded in the TSE on Monday.

The first market’s index rose 9,081 points, and the second market’s index increased 9,604 points.

TEDPIX rose 3,000 points, or less than one percent, in the past Iranian calendar week.

The index closed at 1.151 million points on Wednesday (the last working day of the week).

During the past week, the indices of Iran Khodro Company, Saipa Company, Isfahan Oil Refining Company, Barekat Pharmaceutical Group (BPG), and Zarmakarun Industrial Company were the most widely followed indices.

Iranian market analyst Hassan Balazadeh has proposed three solutions for improving the trend of the stock market and resolving some of the problems that the market is currently wrestling with.

Revising the regulations regarding the public float stock, determining ceiling and limitation for the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and finally establishing a support fund for certain stocks were the solutions that Balazadeh has proposed.


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