New U.S. efforts to end white supremacy violence threat

June 17, 2021 - 15:50

TEHRAN-- The White House has published a 30-page report that says it will deal with the threat of white supremacists and white militias. The U.S. administration says this includes date and information sharing between local and federal officials as well as social media platforms.

More resources will also be spent to identify new deterrents that Washington hopes will prevent white Americans from joining extremist groups. A recent report by the department of homeland security said the ideology of White Supremacy poses the biggest domestic terror threat in America. On January 6 this year, an insurrection that took place in the U.S. capitol was stormed by hard-core supporters of former President Donald Trump, many of them white supremacists, after he lost in the election. The incident damaged America's attempts to portray itself as the flag holder of democracy in the world.

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