Iranian human rights body says U.S. relaxes sanctions after Iran produced own COVID-19 vaccine

June 20, 2021 - 21:41

TEHRAN — The Islamic Republic of Iran High Council for Human Rights said on Sunday that the United States is issuing sanctions waivers for the coronavirus-related items after Iran produced its own COVID-19 vaccine.

“16 months after the virus began to spread, Iran has made its own vaccine. 82,000 Iranians have died from the coronavirus, and the United States is now issuing sanctions exemptions,” the human rights body said on its official Twitter account.
Even during a war banning the trade of essential goods, including medicine and medical equipment, is considered a violation of international law, it added. 

"The demand of the Iranian nation is to lift illegal sanctions and punish those who impose sanctions," the organization wrote. 

The U.S. Treasury Department recently issued a guide to pave the way for the delivery of masks, respirators, and vaccines to countries subject to severe sanctions such as Iran, Venezuela, and Syria to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

The guide contrasts with previous comments by U.S. officials that humanitarian goods are not sanctioned.


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