“At the End of Evin” wins MIFF Best Asian Film Award

July 16, 2021 - 18:28

TEHRAN – Iranian drama “At the End of Evin” won Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) Award for Best Asian Film at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the organizers announced on Thursday.

Co-directed by Mohammad Torabbeigi and Mehdi Torabbeigi, the film is about Amen, who moves from a small town to Tehran to do gender reassignment surgery.

He meets Nasser, a rich man who promises to pay for his surgery. It appears that Amen has a very similar voice to Nasser’s daughter, Annie, who is about to inherit her grandmother’s house and Amen is supposedly asked to play Annie’s role in front of the grandmother. However, this is not the real reason.

The film was screened in the World Fantastic Red category of the Korean festival. 

The Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF), formerly known as the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF) was established in Brussels in 1987 to promote and support European cinema, particularly films in the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres. It is a network of 22 genre film festivals from 16 countries.

“The Medium”, a co-production between Korea and Thailand, was selected as best film in the feature film competition.

Directed and written by Banjong Pisanthanakun, the film revolves around a documentary team that follows Nim, a shaman based in Northern Thai, the Isan area, and encounters her niece Mink, who is exhibiting strange behavior that seems to be an inheritance of shamanism. The team decides to follow Mink, hoping to capture the shaman lineage passing on to the next generation, but her bizarre behavior becomes more extreme.

Lee Haven Jones from the UK was named best director for “The Feast”, while “Treat or Trick” by the Taiwanese film director HSU Fuhsiang received the special jury award.

The Audience Award went to “Nimby - Not in My Backyard” directed by Teemu Nikki from Finland.

“Stuffed” by Theo Rhys from the UK was picked as best short film.

Photo: Mehdi Pakdel acts in a scene from “At the End of Evin”.


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