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​​​​​​​Car rental in Istanbul; best way for traveling in Istanbul

July 17, 2021 - 16:59

Car rental in Istanbul is the best way for exploring this city. If you would like to experience a different trip to Istanbul, we recommend you to join us in this article. When you travel to Istanbul, you should enjoy your trip as much as you can because this city is full of attractions and wonders for everyone.

So, if you want to travel to Istanbul, you should appreciate your moments as much as you can. Saadatrent as one of the pioneers of car rental in Istanbul with world-class cars is here to tell you why you should rent a car in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. 

Travel To Istanbul 

Istanbul is a city with an ancient history and culture that is worth visiting. But this city is not limited to historical areas and each region and its neighborhood has its beauties. So, what should we do to see all these beauties and tourist attractions? If you are looking for cheap and comfortable travel in this city, Saadatrent suggests car rental services. This company as one of the providers of car rental in Dubai, Istanbul, and all the cities of Iran recommends renting a car and stop wasting your time and money.

Is car rental cheaper in Turkey or taxi fare?

Istanbul is a wide city, from the easternmost part of the Asian part to the westernmost part of the European region. Due to the high cost of fuel in Turkey, taxi fares are very high and on relatively short routes you have to pay 30-40 lira, and to all this add the ignorance of the language and get caught in the hands of fraudulent drivers who turn you around to get more money. Of course, not all taxi drivers in Istanbul are like that, and many of them are very decent. We should also inform you that due to the coronary conditions, taxis are not allowed to take more than 3 people

With these conditions, we must say that renting a car in Istanbul is much more reasonable. Well, you can easily choose a suitable car and rent it according to your budget and go wherever you want without any restrictions.

How to find a trustworthy car rental company in Istanbul?

Choosing a car rental company in Istanbul is very important because many car rental companies in Istanbul are not companies and act more as intermediaries, and this will increase the price of the car and create other problems for you in Istanbul.

To choose a company, be sure to pay attention to these items:

You must make sure that this company has an official office and a dependable website. You can also check out their reviews on google of websites like TripAdvisor. They also should give you an official contract when they deliver the car to you. When the company delivers the car to you, thoroughly check the body of the car to ensure health of the car. If you see any lines, scratches, or damage, take a photo of it and state this in your contract. Also, try to rent a car from a company that does not pledge your passport. Most companies will return the original documents to you by scanning your passport and documents.

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