Iran military chief: Boosting ability to target threat centers a strategic policy

August 21, 2021 - 21:44

TEHRAN — Iran’s military chief Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri issued a message on Saturday asserting that the Iranian Armed Forces consider increasing the ability to attack the centers of threat against the Iranian homeland as a “strategic, inevitable and unstoppable policy”.

General Baqeri issued the message on the occasion of “Defense Industry Day.” 

The message reads as follows:

“I congratulate the arrival of the 22nd of August, the day of the country's defense industry to the proud nation of Islamic Iran, officials, specialists, and valuable employees of the Armed Forces and the defense industry of Islamic Iran.

This day makes the great Iranian nation proud and lets it shine in the world despite the long-standing, all-encompassing, and oppressive sanctions by the bloc of domination and arrogance and the enemies of the Revolution and the establishment.

Armed forces use technology as the main engine of progress.
There is no doubt that the revolutionary and power-building armed forces of the country, which are the front line of movement and a sign of the authority of dear Iran, based on the requirements of today and the future, use science and technology as one of the main drivers and engine of progress. The country is considered at the second step of the Revolution. Therefore, in this regard, the workers of the field of the industry have considered the growth and increase of deterrence in the field of defense and military as the forefront of their strategies. They know this field as the guarantor of strengthening Islamic Iran in this field. 

We thank God that this blessed path is institutionalized in the Armed Forces under the flag of the Ministry of Defense and with the integration, dynamism, and reliability of the defense industry components with elements and components of national empowerment and utilization of scientific and technological capacities of the private sector. 

We also use the capacities of professors, researchers, students, and the scientific capacity of the Basij, policy-makers, and through active and intelligent defense diplomacy at home and abroad.

I hope that this process, which is the manifestation of the infinite, diverse defense and military power of the country and the field of showing the firm determination and the iron-clad will of the children of Islamic Iran in this field, promises the emergence of a unique phenomenon that can deeply influence the ideals outlined in the second phase of the Revolution.

God willing, this flourishing and proud path will continue in the thirteenth government and the new period of strategic management and guidance of the Ministry of Defense and support of the Armed Forces with strength and power.

We humbly remember the great martyrs of the defense industry, especially Dr. Fakhrizadeh.

We remind the enemies of the Revolution and the opponents of the Islamic system: The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, powerful and determined under the wise orders and menus of the Leader and Commander-in-Chief, Imam Khamenei, while pursuing a strategy of peace, friendship and integration with the nations of the region against foreigners and trans-regional adventurers, regardless of media war and the psychological operations of imperialist media and the unimaginable aspirations of the United States, the Zionist regime and their evil and filthy allies, consider strengthening defensive power, safe indigenous deterrence and increasing the ability to attack the centers of threat against the Islamic homeland as its strategic, inevitable and unstoppable policy. 

It will not miss a moment of neglect in this path, which makes us proud of providing material, interests, and national security.”

Defense Ministry commemorates “Defense Industry Day”

In a statement released on Saturday in commemoration of the Defense Industry Day, the Iranian Defense Ministry said the Islamic Republic’s definite and unchanging strategy entails growing defense power and constant updating of the capabilities to effectively counter the threats from the enemies. 

The statement also pointed to Iran’s perfect standing in the international arena, especially in West Asia, highlighting the country’s role in fortifying the resistance front and extending the range of protection of national security beyond the borders.

It noted that the Iranian Armed Forces and defense power outperform a mere reactive force and have turned into the focal center of regional security and stability by safeguarding the goals of the Islamic Revolution and supporting anti-arrogant nations against hegemons.

The Defense Ministry also said that Iran’s defense industry capacities had reached a deterrent level and a point that its achievements in various sectors are envied and demanded by many developed countries, even by major international and regional military powers. 

In recent years, Iranian military experts and technicians have made great headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere.

Iranian officials have repeatedly underscored that the country will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities, including its missile power, which are entirely meant for defense, and that Iran’s defense capabilities will never be subject to negotiations.

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