Industry ministry approves new plans for improving domestic markets

September 17, 2021 - 15:57

TEHRAN – Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Ministry approved seven programs for improving the commodity distribution system in the domestic markets in a meeting held on Thursday, IRIB reported.

As reported, attended by the Industry Minister Reza Fatemi Amin and some of his deputies, the mentioned meeting was held to present and review reform programs for improving the goods distribution system and the domestic market in order to amend the policies related to this area.

The measures related to the reform of networks, channels, as well as policies and regulations in the field of domestic goods distribution, have been set in the form of 19 programs whose general purpose is to reduce transaction, production, and distribution costs, transparency in the pricing system and informing consumers about their rights, ranking and validation of distribution networks, specialized monitoring of the markets, branding development and expansion of contracting institutions (including consumer NGOs).

The mentioned programs have been prepared over a period of 18 months based on the studies conducted by the Institute for Trade Studies and Research, of which seven programs were approved in the Thursday meeting.

This meeting was held in line with the new strategies of the Industry Ministry and the reform programs defined by Fatemi Amin, in order to appropriately supply goods in the domestic market; in this regard, during the meeting project managers presented project charter including goals, execution schedule, problems, and possible solutions.

Fatemi Amin had previously emphasized the attention to market regulation, exports, and the removal of barriers to domestic production as some of the short-term plans of his ministry and among his main priorities.

The minister noted that 36 new improvement programs were defined to be implemented along with the mentioned priorities.

He also announced the holding of numerous meetings with officials and managers of the bodies related to the industry, mining, and trade fields and stated: “Considering the importance of the interaction between the two ministries of industry and agriculture in resolving issues related to market regulation, a meeting with the Agriculture Minister is on the agenda and I hope that with the strong cooperation of these two ministries, many issues in the field of market regulation will be resolved.”


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