Iranian trade delegations visit Armenia seeking expansion of ties

October 24, 2021 - 12:5

TEHRAN – Two Iranian trade delegations have visited Armenia over the past month to explore avenues of mutual cooperation in various areas including plastic, polymers, agriculture, and foodstuff with Armenian counterparts, Iran’s commercial attaché in Yerevan announced.

“During their visit, the delegations examined the export potentials and barriers to trade cooperation between the two countries,” IRNA quoted Akbar Godari as saying on Friday.

According to the official, one of the mentioned delegations was comprised of businessmen and traders active in the polymer and plastics industry while the other one was mainly focused on agriculture and foodstuff areas.

During their visit, the polymer and plastics delegation met with the Iranian Ambassador to Yerevan, Abbas Badakhshan Zohuri, to discuss geopolitical issues, the importance of the Armenian market, the country’s trade-related laws and regulations, as well as issues related to mutual coproduction, Godari said.

“Chairman of Iran-Armenia Joint Chamber of Commerce Hervik Yarijanian, in a meeting with the Iranian delegation, emphasized the development of trade between the two countries and noted that the existing obstacles are hindering the growth and development of mutual exports and trade,” he added.

One of the requests of the businessmen in the meeting with Yarijanian was to exchange trade delegations while holding exhibitions in Iran, Godari said.

The agriculture and foodstuff delegation also met with the Iranian ambassador in Yerevan and also held talks with Yarijanian.

During their visit, they also visited some of Armenia’s major markets and held B2B meetings with their Armenian counterparts.

Earlier, Yarijanian had said that Iran-Armenia trade has fluctuated up to $500 million in recent years.

“By launching Moghri free zone in Armenia, next to the Aras free zone in Iran, the volume of exchanges between the two countries can be increased,” he stressed.

According to the official, the trade between the two countries can be increased to over $1.2 billion in less than a year.


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