Lapid in France: Message received?

December 3, 2021 - 12:28

TEHRAN — Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday to discuss the Vienna talks that are primarily intended to lift sanctions on Iran. He was in the UK on November 28 as well.

Is Israel sending a message to the negotiating sides in Vienna?

“I just finished a long and warm meeting with the President of France, @EmmanuelMacron. During our meeting, we discussed at length the resumption of talks with Iran,” Lapid tweeted after his meeting with the French president.

Lapid told Macron that Israel believes Iran is only buying time at the talks in order to continue advancing its nuclear program and have severe economic sanctions lifted. He also underlined the importance of developing an effective Plan B in the event that discussions fail.

“After many years, Israel’s position is being heard and Israel’s position is firm,” he said. “Sanctions on Iran must not be removed. Sanctions must be tightened, a credible military threat must be applied, because only that will stop its nuclear race.”

He added, “I’m now concluding three days of talks in London and Paris with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, with the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Truss, and with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron - on the Iranian nuclear issue, parallel to the nuclear talks in Vienna.” 

Lapid revealed that the Tel Aviv regime is using all its energy to derail the Vienna talks, pointing to a planned visit to Washington by the regime’s war minister. 

“Together with Prime Minister Bennett and Defense Minister Gantz, who is traveling to Washington next week, we will continue to work so that the world will fully understand the Iranian threat.”

Israel, which is famous in the world for its notoriety, has been trying for about two decades to demonize Iran’s nuclear program. Unfortunately, hardliners in the West dance to the tune of Israel. 
Earlier, on November 28, Lapid co-wrote an article with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in the Daily Telegraph in which they said they work “night and day” to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. 
Israelis’ movements are now becoming more rapid, as prospects to reach an agreement in Vienna have risen.

The move gets stranger, especially when the Elysee Palace announced late on Tuesday that Macron will visit Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Friday. 

Macron called Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi on Monday to inform him that all sides are determined to reach a conclusion in Vienna. 

He said that France considers the JCPOA as a “common responsibility.”

“I have always tried to get all parties back to the deal framework,” Macron said. 

He added that he has spoken to Biden.

“I have had talks with U.S. President Joe Biden in this regard and we are determined to continue the talks to reach a conclusion.”

In the end, the French president stated that Paris intends to continue talks with Iran to make progress in resolving issues.

These actions certainly will not help the negotiations in Vienna, as he is now holding negotiations with the countries opposing the sanctions removal.

The Europeans must act independently during the negotiations and stop relying on what the U.S. says or thinks. However, France and the UK must be wary not to become a window of opportunity for destruction of talks. Israel is seeking to influence the talks through France and the UK. It’s best not to let that happen. 

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