Yair Lapid


  • 8th decade curse 2022-07-01 21:09

    8th decade curse

    TEHRAN — As the Israeli regime is heading off towards its 5th election in 3 years on November 1, the million-dollar question has been raised again. Is the 8th decade curse striking again?

  • Lapid-Bennett 2022-06-21 21:41

    5 elections in 3 years: Instability rocks Tel Aviv

    TEHRAN— On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett bode farewell after a one-year tenure, submitting a bill to dissolve the Israeli Parliament, otherwise known as the Knesset.

  • Lapid in France: Message received? 2021-12-03 12:28

    Lapid in France: Message received?

    TEHRAN — Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday to discuss the Vienna talks that are primarily intended to lift sanctions on Iran. He was in the UK on November 28 as well.

  • Truss-Lapid 2021-11-29 22:17

    Israel leaving no stones unturned to stop Vienna talks, UK plays along

    TEHRAN — As the first day of the new round of talks in Vienna ended, one thing is certainly noticeable: Israelis are knocking on every door to stop Iran and P4+1 reach an agreement on how to find ways to lift illegal sanctions imposed on Iran.

  • خطیب زاده 2021-10-01 12:25

    “Stigma of normalizing ties with Israel will remain with Bahrain rulers”

    Dragging Israel into Persian Gulf will lead to tension and more insecurity, Iran warns Bahrain

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday reacted to a visit by the Israeli foreign minister to Bahrain to open an Israeli embassy in Manama, warning any move to pave the ground for the “destructive presence” of this regime in the Persian Gulf region is in line with “creating tension and more insecurity”.

  • Bennett Lapid 2021-07-10 22:17

    Israel’s new approach: From sabotage to soft war

    TEHRAN— “15 years of Benjamin Netanyahu.” If anyone wants to exemplify failure, they can refer to the previous sentence.

  • U.S. strikes PMU positions 2021-06-30 21:52

    By Martin Love

    A roundup: America continues to lurch from bad to worse…

    America has become a malignant power without consequence given the ignorance and malfeasance of those in political power.