8th decade curse

July 1, 2022 - 21:9

TEHRAN — As the Israeli regime is heading off towards its 5th election in 3 years on November 1, the million-dollar question has been raised again. Is the 8th decade curse striking again?

The prophecies of Israel in the Old Testament Tanakh (or the Hebrew Bible) say that the fall of the Israeli Kingdom has internal causes and is caused by conflicts between the Israeli tribes, and in the end, God will do what He did. Like King Solomon’s kingdom which fell apart.

These prophecies are being examined today in the discourse of Israelis with the arrival of Israel in its 8th decade with concern about internal differences in Israeli politics.

The majority of Israel’s leaders believe in the 8th-decade curse. According to scholarly reports, most of Israel's governments collapsed after Solomon during the eighth decade.

There are lessons to be learned from the fragmentation and division of the former Jewish kingdoms that began to disappear in the eighties. This is not a reading of a Jewish rabbi or even a religious person, these are the words of the former prime minister and the most honored soldier in the fake history of Israel, Ehud Barak.

In an article in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Barak, a left-wing Zionist, fears an internal rift in the orthodox society and hatred between the right and the left, religious and secular, religious Zionists and religious Jews.

Every Israeli prime minister is eager to avoid civil war during his reign and to avoid collapse from within, as occurred in previous Jewish kingdoms.

However, Naftali Bennett failed in uniting his faction, and he failed miserably. 

On Wednesday, the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset, voted to dissolve itself. The motion was passed with 92 members in favor and none opposing, after days of backbiting by coalition and opposition politicians over the date for new elections and other last-minute legislation.

Just a bit more than a year ago, Bennett formed a coalition cabinet and ousted former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli media went on and on about this “historic move,” and called Bennett the fake state’s “savior.”

However, Bennett who rose to power with bold and somewhat bullocks promises, particularly about Iran, has given up his power and handed the premiership to Yair Lapid, his best buddy who acted as his Foreign Minister. 

Bennett announced on Wednesday in the Knesset that he would not run in the coming elections.

“I strived as prime minister to care for all citizens, regardless of who they voted for,” said Bennett, who we should call the former Prime Minister from now on. “We proved this year that people with all different opinions can work together.”

Barak Ravid, an Israeli journalist writing in Axios, wrote Thursday, “Based on recent polling, Netanyahu’s Likud party is expected to get the highest number of seats in the next Knesset.”

Not to mention that Netanyahu has begun his shows, a video of the 73-year-old Bibi has gone viral on social media showing him wandering around in the supermarkets, holding milk, bread and other goods and saying, “Everything’s price has gone up. These people deserve more.”

Bennett, with his hollow promises to “cut off the octopus’ head” went down the drain in a year. What will Netanyahu bring for the Israeli settlers who are living in the occupied territories on a borrowed time? Only God knows that, but one thing is sure: The 8th decade curse is working its magic. 

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