Flag march: Will the inevitable evaporation of Israeli regime be accelerated?

May 28, 2022 - 21:23

TEHRAN — May 29 is known as Flag March Day, a day where the settlers of the artificial regime of Israel celebrate 1967 capture of Palestine’s Old City in East Jerusalem. However, this Flag March could ignite a war that would accelerate the unavoidable doom for the Israeli regime.

The Leader of the supra-Orthodox party of the Israeli regime invited the Israeli settlers to attend the Flag March via this message: “Last year, we succeeded in liberating the West Bank and reuniting Jerusalem, the Holy City, and the capital. I do not know what happened to us this year.

Let's get out of this situation. Jerusalem is an interconnected city. Our city is all religious, secular, and supra-Orthodox. Right and left, he (Moses, apparently!) loves us, he brightens our faces. He is growing, evolving, and flourishing, let's return the love to him. Let all of you, all of us, come to Jerusalem on Sunday, we will fill all the streets and squares and rejoice.”

The person who wrote this super-insulting message may not be aware that he is pushing the Israeli regime into a full-fledged war that was bound to happen, especially after the Palestinians were provoked by the repeated assaults of the Israeli troops on worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque this Ramadan.

Let’s go over the 8th-decade curse, which the Israelis are always afraid of. 

The prophecies of Israel in the Old Testament Tanakh (or the Hebrew Bible) say that the fall of the Israeli Kingdom has internal causes and is caused by conflicts between the Israeli tribes, and in the end, God will do what He did. Like King Solomon’s kingdom which fell apart.

These prophecies are being examined today in the discourse of Israelis with the arrival of Israel in its 8th decade with concern about internal differences in Israeli politics.

The majority of Israel’s leaders believe in the 8th-decade curse. According to scholarly reports, most of Israel's governments collapsed after Solomon during the eighth decade.

There are lessons to be learned from the fragmentation and division of the former Jewish kingdoms that began to disappear in the eighties. This is not a reading of a Jewish rabbi or even a religious person, these are the words of the former prime minister and the most honored soldier in the fake history of Israel, Ehud Barak.

In an article in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Barak, a left-wing Zionist, fears an internal rift in the orthodox society and hatred between the right and the left, religious and secular, religious Zionists and religious Jews.

Every Israeli prime minister is eager to avoid civil war during his reign and to avoid collapse from within, as occurred in previous Jewish kingdoms, and Naftali Bennett is no exception. He has also expressed his fear of that irresistible fate. 

“The focus should be on not collapsing from within,” Bennett said in statements earlier this year. The sitting prime minister added, “Because the most serious thing that Israel faces is the danger of internal disintegration and consequent extinction, as happened in previous kingdoms.”

Setting the 8th-decade curse aside, the Palestinians are like a severely wounded snake, especially after an Israeli sniper fatally shot in the head veteran Palestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who worked for Al Jazeera.

Palestinians are now the fire buried under the ashes. Triggering them can end the Israelis once and for all. Let’s hope that the 8th-decade curse and the Flag March will speed up the process.

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