Israel finally admits assassinating IRGC colonel

May 28, 2022 - 12:31

TEHRAN — In an article published late Wednesday, the New York Times quoted senior Israeli officials as saying that they told the Americans they have assassinated Colonel Sayyad Khodaei in downtown Tehran.

“The Israelis told the Americans the killing was meant as a warning to Iran to halt the operations of a covert group within the Quds Force known as Unit 840, according to the intelligence official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss classified information. Unit 840 is tasked with abductions and assassinations of foreigners around the world, including Israeli civilians and officials, according to Israeli government, military and intelligence officials,” the New York Times claimed. 

Big revelation! Israel has become so impudent that it openly and brazenly acknowledges committing state terrorism. 

From the very beginning, it was clear as a day that the Israelis were behind the assassination. The pattern, the execution, and every single bit of evidence proved so. 

Around 4 p.m. on Sunday, two motorcycle riders shot and martyred Khodaei, who also fought against Daesh in Syria, with five bullets in one of the alleys of Mojahedin-e-Islam Street in downtown Tehran. The assassination took place near the martyr's home. Three of the bullets struck his skull, while the other two struck his hand.

Majid Mir-Ahmadi, secretary of the country's Security Council (SCC), had said with certainty Israel was behind the assassination. "The assassination of Martyr Khodaei was unquestionably carried out by the Zionist regime, and the culprits must brace themselves for a heavy slap in the face from Iran," Mir-Ahmadi told IRNA on Monday.

"The criminals who committed such a crime must be prepared for a tremendous slap in the face, because our vengeance will be such that they will regret their deed," he warned. 

On the night of the assassination, Nour News, a media outlet close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, tweeted, “The terrorist act on Sunday afternoon in Tehran and the martyrdom of the Revolutionary Guards Colonel #ShahidSayyadKhodaei is the crossing of the red line without making calculations, which will change many equations. The perpetrators of this crime will pay a heavy price.”

Iran will surely respond with a devastating blow to this vicious act which is a concrete example of state terrorism. 

The Israeli regime has now shifted its focus. Previously, they were solely interested in striking Iran's nuclear facilities and assassinating nuclear scientists, but now they have assassinated an IRGC officer who was instrumental in the advancement of Iran's drone manufacturing industry.

Israel cannot get away this time! Well, whoever sows the wind reaps the storm.


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