Naftali Bennett


  • Israel 2021-11-27 21:21

    Israeli bluff

    TEHRAN – Iran’s chief negotiator arrived in Vienna on Saturday, two days before the official date for resuming the much-awaited Vienna talks. concurrently, Israel doubled down on hostile rhetoric.

  • Israel 2021-11-24 20:38

    Dying from inside

    TEHRAN – So Israel is envious of the Iranians’ comfortable position at home, or that is what can be inferred from remarks by the Israeli prime minister about the current state of play between Tehran and Tel Aviv ahead of the Vienna talks.

  • Netanyahu 2021-09-24 19:09

    By Mohammad M. Farahani

    Naftali Bennett acknowledges Netanyahu’s attitude towards Iran as embarrassing

    TEHRAN - The cabinet of Naftali Bennett, the new Prime Minister of the Israeli regime, has acknowledged the fruitlessness of the former prime minister's propaganda charades against Iran in his speeches to the UN General Assembly.

  • Fakhrizadeh 2021-09-19 21:13

    Israeli showoff for friends backfires

    TEHRAN — In a heavily fictionalized report published on Saturday night in the New York Times, Ronen Bergman, who is mostly known as the official voice of the Israeli regime in the New York Times, claimed to have “revealed” some new, groundbreaking information regarding the assassination of the Iranian scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

  • Biden 2021-08-30 22:11

    All the way to Egery and back

    Oh Joey! What Have You Done?!

    TEHRAN— In a meeting in the White House Joe Biden and Naftali Bennett discussed the Iran nuclear issue. The discussion of course did not go well as Biden said “if diplomacy fails, we’re ready to turn to other options.”

  • Bennet 2021-08-25 21:20

    Israel changes tactics to pressure Biden on Iran  

    TEHRAN - In his first visit to the United States as Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennet pledged to “block” the Iranian nuclear program in a new spirit of cooperation with the administration of U.S President Joe Biden.

  • Israeli PM 2021-08-01 21:34

    Israel fails to fish in troubled waters

    TEHRAN – While Iran has strongly rejected allegations of involvement in a mysterious attack on an Israeli-operated oil tanker off the coast of Oman, Israeli officials seek to fish in the troubled waters of the region to create a united front against Iran. 

  • Palestine 2021-07-18 21:18

    Bennet follows in the footsteps of Netanyahu

    TEHRAN – Israel’s government has changed, but Israeli oppressive and discriminatory policies against the Palestinians remained in place. This was on full display on Sunday morning when Israeli security forces attacked worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque with rubber bullets and tear gas.

  • Bennett Lapid 2021-07-10 22:17

    Israel’s new approach: From sabotage to soft war

    TEHRAN— “15 years of Benjamin Netanyahu.” If anyone wants to exemplify failure, they can refer to the previous sentence.

  • U.S. strikes PMU positions 2021-06-30 21:52

    By Martin Love

    A roundup: America continues to lurch from bad to worse…

    America has become a malignant power without consequence given the ignorance and malfeasance of those in political power.