Biden, Lapid suffer from hallucinations: Iranian Armed Forces spokesman

July 15, 2022 - 21:36

TEHRAN— A senior military official has issued a blunt warning to the United States, advising President Joe Biden to review the past.

Following Joe Biden's claim of using force as a “last resort” to counter Iran’s nuclear program during his Thursday interview with an Israeli TV channel, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, the chief spokesman of the Armed Forces of Iran, said, “The use of the term ‘last resort’ to force by the failed American president and the helpless prime minister of the fake Zionist regime (Yair Lapid) could be attributed to psychological war, hallucinations and sleepiness of them, which are not unprecedented.”

The military official went on to recall the past failures of the U.S. and the Israeli regime by citing some examples.  “The occupation of the American den of espionage in Tehran, the burial of American soldiers in the Tabas desert, the decisive failure of the United States in imposing 8 years of war against Iran, the shameful escape of the American invaders from Afghanistan, the destruction of the American base in Ain al-Assad, the hunting of the most advanced American spy drone in the Persian Gulf, the embarrassing defeat of the American project of forming the ISIS campaign in Iraq and Syria, the humiliating defeat of the United States and its allies against the Yemeni Ansarallah group, the defeat in the 33-day war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the defeat in the 22-day war with Hamas in occupied Palestine, the powerful destruction of the spy base of the criminal and child-killing regime of Israel in Erbil, the destruction of the bases of the usurper Zionist regime in the Golan Heights, the wetting of the pants of American soldiers in the Persian Gulf, and so on.”

Shekarchi further noted that talk of resort to force may be due to psycho-op, illusions and sleepiness, milking more cows and looting more oil, slowing down the process of the decline of America, restoring the broken majesty of America, slowing down the process of the collapse of the usurper Israeli regime, saving America's sick economy by selling more weapons in the region, comforting and encouraging the criminal and child-killing Zionist regime as America's guard dog in the region, and deceiving the world by using hollow statements.

In the end, the armed forces spokesman noted, “They know full well that they will pay the price for using the word ‘resort to force’ against Islamic Iran, so it is good for them to carefully monitor the situation in the region and the world, and to review the past once in order to analyze the future correctly.”

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