Next year’s budget bill to be submitted to parliament on schedule

December 3, 2021 - 15:9

TEHRAN - Head of Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) has said the budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year (starts on March 21, 2022) has been prepared and reviewed by the government and will be submitted to the parliament on schedule, IRIB reported.

Masoud Mir-Kazemi said some changes in the structure of the budget bill are taking place for which the views of the MPs and parliament committees should be taken into account in this regard.

“We tried to hold meetings with some of the parliament committees and get their points of view about the changes that we were supposed to make to the budget bill before taking it to the government for reviewing,” Mir-Kazemi said.

Back in October, the PBO head had said the national budget bill for the next fiscal year has been prepared in a way that it will not face any deficits.

"Experts and decision-makers have tried to have a macro view and to make sure that the decisions made by them will have positive effects for the entire nation and not just a certain group,” Mir-Kazemi said in the 14th meeting of the budget bill preparation headquarters on October 10.

He said his organization was going to change the structure of the national budget for the better, following the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the matter.

“The Leader emphasizes on changing the structure of the budget bill and making it more effective, therefore, it is not in the interest of the country to continue the current trend, and the budget structure should be reviewed,” he noted.

Mir-Kazemi further noted that the main emphasis in the preparation of the next year’s budget bill will be on achieving economic growth.


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