Joel S. Migdal’s “State in Society” appears in Persian

December 13, 2021 - 18:19

TEHRAN – “State in Society: Studying How States and Societies Transform and Constitute One Another” by Joel S. Migdal, a professor of international studies at the University of Washington, has been published in Persian.

Mohammad-Taqi Delforuz is the translator of the book published by Kavir.

The essays in this book trace the development of Migdal’s “state-in-society” approach. 

The essays situate the approach within the classic literature in political science, sociology and related disciplines but present a new model for understanding state-society relations. 

It allies parts of the state and groups in society against other such coalitions, determines how societies and states create and maintain distinct ways of structuring day-to-day life, the nature of the rules that govern people’s behavior, whom they benefit and whom they disadvantage, which sorts of elements unite people and which divide them, and what shared meaning people hold about their relations with others and their place in the world.

He received a B.A. from Rutgers University in 1967. He then earned an M.A. in 1968 and Ph.D. in 1972 from the Department of Government of Harvard University.

Previously, he served as an associate professor of government at Harvard University (1975–80) and a lecturer and senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University (1972–75). 

He came to the University of Washington in 1982 and was named the Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies in 1994.

He is the author of dozens of books, including “Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East”, “Boundaries and Belonging: States and Societies in the Struggle to Shape Identities and Local Practices” and “The Palestinian People: A History”.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Joel S. Migdal’s book “State in Society”.


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