President Raisi says history of Hormozgan has recorded resistance, courage, and bravery

January 14, 2022 - 20:18

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi has paid a visit to the southern province of Hormozgan in continuation of his provincial trips. 

Ayatollah Raisi arrived at Bandar Abbas Airport on Thursday morning and was welcomed by the representative of the Supreme Leader in the province, the governor-general and local officials. Visiting the projects in the province, meeting with different groups of the people, elites, veterans and families of martyrs, participating in the meeting of the Administrative Council and a press conference were on his agenda.

Ayatollah Raisi was accompanied on this trip by his chief of staff, the Vice-President for Executive Affairs, the Head of the Plan and Budget Organization, and the Ministers of Interior, Health and Medical Education, and Sports and Youth Affairs.

Speaking on the tarmac of the airport upon his arrival, Ayatollah Raisi talked about the goals and plans of the trip, saying, “The history of Hormozgan has recorded the resistance, courage, and bravery of the people of the province against aggressors.”

The president pointed out that before the trip, delegations were sent to the province and with the help of the representative of the Supreme Leader, the governor-general and economic, political and social actors to identify the needs of Hormozgan, adding, “Agriculture, tourism and the maritime economy have very good fields and capacities for development, and despite these capacities, we should not see some shortcomings, poverty and unemployment in the province.”

Stating that there is a high level of security in the province, which has led to good security in the Persian Gulf, he said, “I feel obliged to thank the armed forces of the province for providing good security in the sea and sky of Hormozgan and the Persian Gulf with their conscious and insightful presence.”

Ayatollah Raisi stated, “In light of the existing security in Hormozgan, any kind of investment in the province can be guaranteed and by relying on these investments, efforts can be made to develop Hormozgan.”

“The 13th government has made good plans for the development of Hormozgan in various fields so that it can take effective steps in this regard and make people and economic actors feel that effective steps are being taken in this direction,” he said, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency.

Ayatollah Raisi also travelled to the flood-stricken area of Hashtbandi in Minab County. He told the locals, “With the efforts of the government and the patience and perseverance of the people, the damages of the floods to this area and its agriculture will be compensated.”

During his visit to the southern province, the president appeared among the flood victims of Hashtbandi region of Minab County and expressed his happiness for being present among the hard-working people who are active in the field of agriculture and production, saying, “We and all members of the government are proud to serve the people.”

Referring to the demands of the people for the construction of roads, the president added, “I thank you for your patience, effort and revolutionary spirit, and I assure you that the 13th government will make every effort to pursue your demands.”

Ayatollah Raisi also visited the earthquake-stricken region of West Gishan and talked with the people of the region. He described serving the people as valuable with God and insisted on solving the problems of the people in the earthquake-stricken and flood-hit areas of Hormozgan province.

Ayatollah Raisi thanked the efforts of the Governor-General of Hormozgan and the Housing Foundation in addressing the problems of the people affected by the earthquake in the West Gishan region. Referring to the construction measures taken, he said, “More budget is needed to solve problems in this region, about which a decision will be made at the Administrative Council of the province.”

He stated, “Serving these dear people is the duty of the government and we will not refrain from any action in this regard.”

In a visit that took place on Thursday during the visit to Hormozgan province, Ayatollah Raisi visited the Traffic Control Centre and the Marine Search and Rescue Complex of Shahid Rajai Port Complex and the management and monitoring room of the complex.

Visiting development projects, customs infrastructure and confiscated properties were other plans of the president during the visit to the complex.

Ayatollah Raisi was also informed about the process of unloading and loading basic goods in this port complex.

The president appeared among the worshipers at Imam Ali (AS) Mosque and said, “During the Sacred Defense era, the Revolutionary Corps, along with the other armed and revolutionary forces of the country, really excelled on the southern and western fronts, as well as in the sea areas.”

He added, “After the end of the Sacred Defense, the force and power of the IRGC were used to rebuild the country.”

“Wherever we see an important project and a great deal of work to solve the country's problems, the IRGC is working there,” he said.

In honor of the memory of martyr General Soleimani and referring to his field presence in addressing the problems caused by the floods in Khuzestan in 2019, Ayatollah Raisi said, “The efforts and actions of the armed forces and Basij forces in helping people affected by natural disasters are the best help to the government.”

Ayatollah Raisi stated, “The families of people working in the armed forces, whether during the Sacred Defense era or now, which is the period of construction, sometimes do not see their spouses and fathers. This patience of yours is highly rewarded in the sight of God Almighty.”

The president continued, “At the same time, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution advises everyone not to neglect their families while serving. He emphasizes that we must work, but families also have a status and rights. Fortunately, in the armed forces, and especially in the IRGC, good attention is paid to the education and upbringing of children.”

Ayatollah Raisi continued his speech by praising the IRGC forces in the Hormozgan sea region, saying, “The IRGC forces provided brilliant protection of the country's water and air borders, especially against the Americans who came to the region, including the capture of the intruding American forces.”

Emphasizing the need to maintain vigilance, the president said, “We do not have a war zone at the moment, but this awakening and vigilance and monitoring the situation is one of the necessities of this region.”

“Today, thank God, we have peace in the region, but at the same time, we must monitor the situation and be always vigilant,” he said.

Ayatollah Raisi added, “Today, our armed forces, and the Revolutionary Guards in particular, have this vigilance and insight in various issues.”

The president also met with various groups of the people of Hormozgan. In the meetings, Ayatollah Raisi described the province as having diverse resources and said, “Hormozgan has the sea, mines, industries, efficient and educated human resources who are ready to work.”

He said, “There is good cohesion among all ethnic groups in this region. This capital must be maintained and strengthened.”

Referring to the martyrdom of divers and the role of the province in the imposed war on Iran by Iraq in the 1980s, Ayatollah Raisi said, “The armed forces protected the country by protecting the sea and against the American troops and the forces that are present in the region.”

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