President Raisi visits Semnan

November 5, 2021 - 21:8

TEHRAN - Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi visited the province of Semnan in continuation of his provincial visits in weekends.

Ayatollah Raisi arrived at Semnan Airport on Thursday morning and was received by the representative of the Leader in the province, the governor-general and senior provincial officials upon arrival.

Visiting the plans and infrastructure projects of the province, meeting with the elites, martyrs' families, war veterans and different groups of the people, participating in the meeting of the Administrative Council and the press conference were the most important programs of the president during the visit to Semnan province.

President Raisi was accompanied on this trip by his Chief of Staff, the Vice President for Executive Affairs, the Minister of Agricultural Jihad and the Head of Plan and Budget Organization.

Speaking on Thursday morning upon his arrival in the province, Raisi briefed reporters on the objectives of the trip. “Before this trip, the problems and shortcomings of Semnan province in various fields have been examined by experts and during this trip we are determined to have meetings with relevant officials and economic entrepreneurs to make clear decisions to solve the problems of Semnan province,” he said, according the presidential website. 

Pointing out that Semnan province has many capacities in the fields of agriculture, industry and mining, the president added, “We believe that if these capacities are used properly, we can see an increase in productivity and production in the province despite some shortcomings and the government will pursue to activate all these capacities seriously.”

Ayatollah Raisi also described the proximity of Semnan province with other provinces as one of the other capacities for development and prosperity of the province and said, “We are determined to make decisions in order to solve the problems of the province, paying special attention to all the capacities of Semnan province.”
He further referred to the concurrency of his trip to Semnan province with the day of anti-arrogance and said, “Aban 13 (Nov. 4) is a reminder of the courage of the students and the flag of the great Imam against the Global Arrogance.”

November 4 in Iran marks the anniversary of the takeover of U.S. embassy in Tehran by the revolutionaries in 1979.

During his trip to Semnan, President Raisi also paid a visit to the nomads of Mahdishahr. In an unannounced visit to the tent of Mahdishahr nomads, Ayatollah Raisi said, “The provision of livestock feed for nomads and ranchers in the region and the establishment of a livestock complex should be pursued and implemented by the governor-general of Semnan.”

He added, “The issues raised here are mostly about water shortage, and in addition to taking the required measures, we need to pray for divine blessings on the country.”

He noted, “Livestock feed should be provided to Mahdishahr nomads and ranchers in such a way that after the growing of their livestock, the repayment of loan instalments will begin.”

Appreciating the efforts of nomadic women to produce handicrafts and the importance of the location of Semnan province, which is known as Bab al-Reza (AS), the President said, “Creating a market and marketing for selling handicraft products is very important in supporting this local industry.”

During a visit to the closed factory of Pakris in Mahdishahr, the president closely examined the problems of the production unit. He was briefed by the relevant managers about the reasons for the closure and the obstacles and problems of the production unit.

The president also met with Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Shahcheraghi, the representative of the people of the province in the Assembly of Experts.

In the meeting, while appreciating the efforts of Ayatollah Shahcheraghi alongside the people of Semnan, the president said, “The effects and blessings of your presence in this province are eternal because you worked sincerely and God accepts sincere deeds.”

Raisi added, “Ayatollah Shahcheraghi is the axis of solidarity and empathy of the revolutionary forces in Semnan province and his guidance and support of the government is a valuable asset.”

The president also pointed to the U.S. sanctions on Iran during the visit. Emphasizing that we will pursue the simultaneous policy of lifting and neutralizing sanctions, the President said, “The people of Islamic Iran appreciate the intelligent and authoritative actions of the country's border guards.”

In an unannounced appearance amongst 13 Aban demonstrations of people of Semnan on Thursday morning, Ayatollah Raisi said, “The history of America's enmity with the Iranian people is not 40 years, but this enmity is more than 70 years.”

“The difference is that in the first thirty years, the United States succeeded in plundering the interests of the Iranian people by coup d'état and supporting the dictators, but in the 43 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian nation has won the battle against the endless hostilities of the United States,” he said.

The president said, “The Iranian people have always condemned the interventionist and bullying actions of Americans in the region, including their recent behavior, and they are always grateful for the intelligent and authoritative responses of the brave border guards of the Guards (IRGC).”

He also referred to the date of the start of negotiations on possible lifting of oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people and said, “Our negotiation is a result-oriented negotiation and we will not hesitate supporting the rightful demands of the Iranian people to lift the oppressive sanctions.”

President Raisi said, “As Iran has previously stated, we will not leave the negotiation table, but we will also stand against the excessive demands that lead to the loss of the interests and rights of the Iranian people.”

Ayatollah Raisi said, “At the same time, we will pursue the lifting of sanctions and the neutralization of sanctions.”

The president described the way out of the existing problems of the country as possible and achievable and said, “Today, the country needs jihadist and coherent work to overcome the problems, and I consider this possible because WE CAN.”

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with elites, scholars, families of martyrs and war veterans and a group of different groups of the people of Semnan province, Ayatollah Raisi said, “By relying on God and trust in the internal resources and capacities of the country, especially our talented human resources, we can solve problems.”

He added, “The United States wanted to cause serious problems to the Iranian people with maximum pressure, but today even our enemies admit that the maximum resistance of the Iranian people has defeated the maximum pressure of the enemies and today the position of the Islamic Republic is stronger than ever.”

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