“Launcher 5” tops at Iranian theater critics celebration

January 21, 2022 - 18:17

TEHRAN – “Launcher 5”, a play on a martial story, was named as best play on Thursday at the 20th Celebration of Iran Critics and Theatrical Writers Society.

Puya Saeidi and Masud Sarami, the directors and writers of the play, received their awards at the gala held at the National Museum of Iran.

The story is set in a garrison, where three soldiers are killed in three shootings over a month. Captain Shayegan, an officer of the Investigation Department, is assigned by the General Staff of the Armed Forces to investigate the case.

The acclaimed play was staged at the Samandarian Hall of the Iranshahr Theater complex during January and February 2020.

The Celebration of Iran Critic and Theatrical Writers Society of the Theater Forum is organized the celebration every year with contributions from several other centers.

“Fifty-Fifty” directed by Morteza Esmaeil-Kashi was selected as runner-up. Haleh Moshtaqinia and Esmaeil-Kashi has written the play based on Bertolt Brecht.

In this play, the doors of a museum, which was formerly used as an extermination camp, are now open to a thespian couple, who are the sole survivors of the camp. The spirits of the victims of the camp, who were actors with anti-fascist sentiments, are summoned up to perform a play, which they were forced to stage under torture.

The play was staged during February and March 2020 at Tehran’s Hilaj Theater.

Esmaeil-Kashi’s play “100%” starring Setareh Pesyani and Hutan Shakiba won third prize.

The play is about Elizabeth, a spirited girl who is victimized for the lewdness of an actor named Michael. Elizabeth plans to take revenge.

Hossein Kiani was also honored for his achievements in writing, directing and teaching.

The award for best troupe was given to the Tazeh Theater Group, which is composed of Navid Mohammadzadeh, Hutan Shakiba, Ashkan Khalilnejad, Yusef Bapiri and Arman Kuchaki.

The Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, a contributor to the celebration, also honored actor and director Ali Nasirian for his lifetime achievements.

“I formed a deep attachment to theater for 70 years and worked in poverty for two decades,” the 86-year-old said after receiving his award.

“My generation came to an end, but now there is new a generation of talented actors, directors and writers,” he added.

Photo: A scene from “Launcher 5” co-directed by Puya Saeidi and Masud Sarami.


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