Iran, Togo FMs meet in Tehran 

January 26, 2022 - 19:22

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Tuesday hosted his Togolese counterpart Robert Dussey and his entourage.

The two sides exchanged views over issues of mutual interest as well as regional and international matters, the Iranian foreign ministry said. 

The Iranian foreign minister welcomed Dussey and his entourage and referred to the significance of visits by officials of both countries for the purpose of expanding bilateral ties.

Amir Abdollahian then reaffirmed the determination of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to expand relations with African countries and all-out expansion of interactions and deals in all areas of mutual interest with Togo.

The Iranian foreign minister also outlined the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different fields and the capabilities of Iranian companies in economic, scientific, technological and health sectors.

Amir Abdollahian underlined Iran’s readiness to cooperate with other countries in those fields.

Robert Dussey also thanked the Iranian side for the invitation, announcing his country’s readiness to expand bilateral ties, especially regarding trade and economic issues.

Dussey enumerated fields in which Iran and Togo can cooperate like education, healthcare and energy and invited Iranian companies to participate in the development plan of his country and related projects.

In the meeting, the two sides agreed on the establishment of a joint working committee, exploring the possibility of opening embassies in the capitals of the two countries and exchanging trade delegations.

The Togolese foreign minister invited Amir Abdollahian to visit Lome and the Iranian foreign minister accepted the invitation.

The foreign minister of Togo also met with Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi.  Speaking on Monday in a meeting with Dussey, Ayatollah Raisi said that African countries have rich and talented natural resources, minerals and human resources, adding, "Tehran seeks comprehensive development of relations with African countries, including Togo, to serve the common interest of the two nations".

Stating that throughout the history, Westerners have mainly sought to colonize and exploit the African continent, and today they are pursuing their desires and interests in various forms, the president noted, "The efforts of the people of this continent to maintain their independence are valuable and their success depends on the emphasis on national and cultural identity and resistance to extravagance".

The president stated, "African countries have the necessary capacities for development and prosperity, and the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the independence, progress and welfare of the African people.” according to the official website of the Iranian presidency.

The Foreign Minister of Togo Robert Dussey also stressed that his country wants to establish wide-ranging and comprehensive relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding, "Lomé trusts Tehran's approaches in the development process of relations, and hopes that the policies of development of economic cooperation with Africa boosts through mutual partnership".

Condemning the West's tough sanctions against independent states and nations, the Togolese Foreign Minister stressed, "We seek joint cooperation with Iran to activate our capabilities in the mutual interest".

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