Increased attacks on Yemen will undermine ‘path to peace’, Iran FM warns

Iran, Qatar step up diplomatic contacts

January 28, 2022 - 12:41

TEHRAN – The Iranian and Qatari officials held several meetings and phone conversations over the last few days, marking a significant increase in diplomatic contacts at a time of increased tensions in the region and uncertainty in the Vienna talks between Iran and major world powers.

The contacts began on Tuesday when Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and his Qatari counterpart Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani held two phone conversation on a single night.

In the phone talks, the two countries’ foreign ministers exchanged views on regional issues and the need to promote diplomacy and dialogue to resolve the issues, besides some other significant issues of bilateral interest, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

In the same framework, the foreign ministers of Iran and Qatar focused and exchanged views on the issues and developments unfolding in the region as well as the continuation of consultations between the two countries on the path of establishing and protecting peace and stability.

The foreign ministers of Iran and Qatar also discussed expansion of Tehran-Doha relations in different areas, including politics, economy and culture.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry, for its part, said the two sides reviewed bilateral relations and ways of developing them in various fields, in addition to the latest regional developments and issues of mutual concern.

Also, spokesperson for Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lolwah bint Rashid Al Khater met on Wednesday with the Iranian Ambassador to Doha Hamidreza Dehghani. The meeting reviewed aspects of cooperation between Qatar and Iran. The meeting also discussed the agenda of the incoming Doha Forum and the participation of officials from Iran in its activities.

The sides also discussed the latest developments surrounding Afghanistan, and issues of mutual concern, according to the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

On Thursday, the Qatari foreign minister visited Tehran and met with Amir Abdollahian as well as President Ebrahim Raisi.

The chief diplomats from the two countries discussed important regional issues and developments such as Afghanistan and Yemen as well as bilateral ties, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

The Iranian foreign minister referred to the fast pace of regional and international developments, underlining the need for closer consultations between Iran and Qatar and efforts to establish peace and stability in Yemen and Afghanistan.

In regard to regional developments, Amir Abdollahian stressed, “In recent weeks, we have witnessed a surge in military movements with regard to Yemen and such things have only led to a reproduction of war in Yemen that destroy the path to peace.” "Tehran recognizes and welcomes regional cooperation for the benefit of peace, security and development of the region," Raisi emphasizes. For his part, the Qatari foreign minister said, “We are also worried about a new escalation of tension in the region and believe that the Yemeni crisis has no military solution and they must find a solution through dialogue and this situation is not in the interest of any parties.”

The Qatari Foreign Ministry said Amir Abdollahian and Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani reviewed cooperation between the two countries and means of developing them, as well as discussing the latest regional developments.

It added that they also exchanged views on a number of issues of common concern.

The Qatari foreign minister affirmed Doha’s firm position that calm, diplomacy, dialogue, building relations on good neighborliness and mutual respect are the best ways to achieve and find stability in the region, the ministry added.

Raisi invited to attend gas exporting countries summit in Doha

During his meeting with the Iranian president, the Qatari foreign minister presented an official invitation from the Emir of Qatar to Raisi to attend the Gas Exporting Countries Forum Summit.

Speaking at the meeting with the Qatari foreign minister, Ayatollah Raisi emphasized the importance of regional cooperation, saying, “Deepening relations and further synergy between neighboring countries can provide security.”

Emphasizing the importance of multilateral mechanisms in ensuring security, especially in the field of energy, Raisi stated, "It is necessary to maintain and strengthen coordination and synergy in the policies of energy producing countries."

Raisi went on to say that his government’s foreign policy in the new era is developing and deepening relations and cooperation with regional and neighboring countries.

"Tehran recognizes and welcomes regional cooperation for the benefit of peace, security and development of the region," Raisi emphasized.

Referring to the capacities of Tehran-Doha cooperation in various political, economic and cultural sectors, the president said, "We are ready to activate all areas for the development of bilateral and regional cooperation for the benefit of the two nations."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president said the presence of outsiders in West Asia increases insecurity. "The outsiders do not respect the identity and dignity of regional nations and governments, and think that they are the sheriff of the world, whereas they must put aside their spirit of supremacy and arrogance and recognize the identity and culture of nations."

Raisi added, "The Iranian nation has always emphasized its key positions and is moving forward strongly regardless of the wish of the enemies, in a way that the Americans have officially stated that their maximum pressure has not worked."

At the same meeting, the Qatari foreign minister delivered the official invitation of his country’s Emir to President Raisi to attend the Summit of Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

He said, "Qatar is determined to make all efforts to develop the level of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various political and economic fields, and the Emir of Qatar personally follows the development of relations between the two countries."

The Qatari foreign minister also said, "Qatar also agrees with Iran that the presence of foreign forces in the region has negative effects, and we believe that the countries of the region should take the path of peace and progress by relying on regional cooperation."

The Qatari Foreign Ministry said that during the meeting, the two sides reviewed bilateral relations, developments in the region and ways to maintain the region's security and stability.

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