Delusional daydreamer

January 29, 2022 - 21:10

TEHRAN — Naftali Bennett, the prime minister of the illegitimate regime of Israel, has said that the theory of “killing Iran with 1000 knife wounds” is similar to what happened to the former Soviet Union. Yet, the man is widely mistaken, or even delusional.

In an interview with the Israeli Ynet daily, Bennett said, “… but Iran itself, which is the root of evil, is safe. Here is a Cold War going on, we are changing this equation, we are trying to weaken Iran in all dimensions economically, socially and security-wise. We act more and do not give up.”

The notion of comparing Iran to the Soviet Union, and the current status of the Islamic Republic with the 1985-1989 of the Soviet Union shows how far Bennett is from the ground reality in Iran.

What is going on in Tehran is that the country, is by no means isolated. The Belt and Road Initiative put forward by China and Iran’s active participation in the initiative, 25-year Iran-China cooperation document, the soon-to-be-signed 20-year cooperation document with Russia, and so many more examples clarify Iran’s position as a regional, and even trans-regional power. 

In some rather insulting remarks, the Israeli prime minister said, “I look at Iran as an ongoing campaign. Iran has been an octopus for decades, its arms encircling the falcons in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, and the falcons fall into its trap and bleed. We have dramatically increased the range of attacks as well as the type of attacks and the quality of the targets. This creates a problem for Iran.”

The delusional Bennett seems to have forgotten how its Iron Dumb was penetrated in the 12-day war against Gaza. The fact that Bennett thinks he has created problems for Iran is a true reflection of a pathological liar who wants to mend his reputation after only seven months in office. 

In response to a question about “a thousand knife wounds” strategy that the Tel Aviv regime dreams of implementing, Bennett said, “A thousand blows is not like that.

Remember the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union? Did the Americans attack the Russians? No, but they were able to crush them wisely.”

He continued, “It is difficult to say exactly. Are we in the 50s? In the 70s? In 1988? I do not know. We must act without interruption until they leave here. What are you doing here? What do you think you are doing? In Syria? What do you think you are doing? At our borders?”

Someone needs to ask Bennett the same questions. What is Israel doing in West Asia? Where is this illegitimate regime’s status in the economic, political and sociological equations of the region? 

An illegitimate fake regime with a dark history of trespassing, colonizing, and occupying other people’s lands is in no place to talk about a rich civilization like Iran who has been present in the region for more than 2500 years. 

Mr. delusional implicitly explains that his plan is not to attack Iran militarily, exemplifying the Cold War. However, his advisor surely proved that they are people with a shallow understanding of the region. In no way Iran could be compared with the former Soviet Union, particularly the 1988-Soviet Union, which was on the brink of full collapse.

Regardless of the fact that the illegitimate regime is not able to confront Iran at all, Bennett seemingly has taken some time off of repairing an Iron Dome full of holes. 

Struggling with a cyberspace that is full of holes, leaks of the military forces with their ID numbers on the Internet, a war minister with a housekeeper who turned out to be a spy, and so many other crises in only seven months, Bennett can’t keep quiet, and seems to be giving interviews which are full of lies, like the illegitimate regime itself. 

A lost reputation is a lost reputation. It cannot be restored by giving fictitious interviews. 

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