Yemeni leader: “our only path is victory”

February 4, 2022 - 15:55

TEHRAN- Marking the first Friday of the holy Islamic month of Rajab, the leader of Yemen’s popular Ansarallah Movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, says those waging war on his country have witnessed an “increase in anxiety and fear”.

Yemen’s armed forces have conducted three major military operations in as many weeks against the United Arab Emirates in response to Abu Dhabi’s support for militants fighting against the government forces.

The attacks forced UAE authorities to warn its own nationals against posting or circulating images of the damage from the attacks on social media amid fear it would scare away foreign investors and tourists, on which the UAE’s economy is highly dependent.

The Yemeni army spokesperson says the attacks struck targets deep inside the Emirates including Abu Dhabi International Airport and its commercial hub Dubai.

The leader of the popular revolution in Yemen, al-Houthi, says if the Saudi-led coalition “occupies a certain region [in Yemen] or their siege increases, this only increases our responsibility to confront them”, noting that “the more the enemy increases its injustice, criminality and attempts to occupy more of our land while expanding the blockade against us, the more our insight, awareness, morale, and faith will increase to defeat them”.

In a televised speech al-Houthi explained how the religion of Islam arrived in Yemen during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad and how the faith of those on the front line has helped Yemen resist seven years of “aggression”,  that this is one of the main components that has brought back the country’s dignity recently and how it also brought back pride to the people of Yemen.

Some analysts have alluded to this, saying despite the coalition waging war on Yemen enjoys foreign-backed mainstream media propaganda being on their side, the supply of weapons to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, the most advanced weapon systems, the support of the West in the United Nations Security Council being one the side of the Saudi-led

coalition, the Yemenis have God on their side and this is sufficient enough for the country not to be defeated.

The revolution leader stressed that "the Yemeni people are victorious in every sense of the word" pointing out that "the reality is being witnessed and in the future, events will become clearer. The enemy today has increased anxiety and fear and at the same time increases its brutality, aggression, and siege”.

He spoke about life in Yemen and how the Yemeni people deal with hardships and threats as something that will ultimately lead to success if the Yemeni people face this era of hardship using their faith saying “faith is a virtue and a blessing from God”.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi says [the war on Yemen] can be used as an opportunity for the Yemeni nation to be free and sovereign despite the hardship it endures and noted the “future” of this struggle will bring prosperity and eternal happiness.

The popular revolutionary leader, referring to the forces waging war on Yemen, says they have been “shaken [by the resisting forces] despite their different warfare methods including military, economic siege, and media warfare”.

He noted that “as long as our people are steadfast, [the nation] will avoid defeat and be victorious”.

Touching on some advances recently made by militants aligned with the Saudi-led coalition in the country’s Shabwa province, al-Houthi says during the coming period the militant’s campaign of “will fail just like it failed in many provinces in the last despite the military, media and economic aggression that was used“

The leader of Ansarallah described the “Saudi-Emirati alliance” as a "bad, spiteful and arrogant enemy," noting that what it is doing "by killing children, women and detainees only enhances the belief that we are on the right path against a criminal enemy."

Malik al-Houthi also stressed that the Emiratis will end up as the losers by resorting to an escalation in tensions and “submitting to American-British-Israeli orders”, reminding Abu

Dhabi that “our people today are emerging victorious in every sense of the word”.

During his speech al-Houthi also said that since the beginning of the aggression, the UAE “has been a major tool for America, Israel, and Britain”, recalling the failures of the UAE in the previous stages of the war.

Several years ago, Abu Dhabi announced it was withdrawing from the Saudi-led coalition saying it saw no military solution to the conflict. The announcement came after the Emirates were targeted by Yemeni forces in response to their support for the war on Yemen.

The Yemeni leader says that "the Americans, the Israelis and the British pushed the Emiratis to return to the war and implicated it”, stressing that the UAE was the loser by resuming to an unjustified escalation.

Al-Houthi highlighted that the UAE tries to satisfy the Americans, court the Zionists, and get close to the British, but says “whoever imagines that by appeasing America, Britain, and Israel has become in a position of victory, then he is mistaken, and his inevitable fate is nothing but defeat”.

He added, "We say with confidence... those who sided with America, Britain, and Israel will be punished by the sons of our nation”.

The Ansarallah movement has stated on more than one occasion that the war on Yemen only serves the Israeli regime with the goal of dividing the region.

However, al-Houthi declared that “the greater the crimes (of the Saudi-led coalition), the greater our level of solidarity will be with the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq and Iran, and with all the free people of the world."

The Leader of the popular revolution also stressed that "our enemies are fighting us with the aim of controlling us completely, and as a result, we suffer," but noted that "our position embodies freedom and dignity, and we will never accept our enemies' control over us”.

He says the enemies of Yemen are many “and they arrived in our land with their massive armies”, something “they was witnessed by the faithful Yemeni nation which did not hesitate in front of all the advanced military hardware”.

He says this “[Yemen’s success on the battlefield] was because the people put their trust in God and this increased their hopes further. The greater the aggression became, the greater the Yemeni’s faith in God became”

He adds “our fight for independence is reflected in other nations battle for freedom. And because we put all our faith in God for our freedom, this infuriated our enemies and this is why they used everything they had and brought so much [military hardware] that they have to use against us, to control our people, independence and land again”.

“As a result, we do suffer, but we are in front of a position. An honorable position. The position of the faithful, the patient, the steadfastness our nation has shown, the position of dignity and everything this word means”.

He says “we will never allow our enemies to take our sovereignty from us again. Nothing now can take away our responsibility and duty [to carry on the struggle].

Al-Houthi concluded his speech by saying “our steadfastness in confronting the aggressors, whatever level they choose to escalate [the war], is a moral, ethical and humanitarian commitment”.

He stressed that "the siege, tyranny and the crimes of the enemies such as the ongoing massacres and crimes against humanity will be the reason for their defeat... and the injustice against our people who have proved their patience, giving and bearing their responsibility as well as putting their trust in God will be the reason for our inevitable victory."

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