Tehran webinar to discuss Eastern Hemisphere rituals, anthropology

February 18, 2022 - 21:24

TEHRAN – Tens of sociologists, anthropologists, and historians are scheduled to discuss rituals and humanities of the Eastern Hemisphere in a day-long webinar to be held tomorrow.

According to organizers, the Tehran webinar will discuss the anthropological understanding of Eastern cultures in Japan, China, Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Malaysia, and other countries.

Moreover, the experts will exchange views on the significance of anthropological studies in Iran, and ways it could contribute to sustainable development in the country.

The event is organized to mark World Anthropology Day which is typically celebrated every year on the third Thursday in February, allowing anthropologists to celebrate their discipline and share it with the world.

Tehran webinar to discuss Eastern Hemisphere rituals, anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans, human behavior, and societies in the past and present. Anthropologists take a broad approach to understand different aspects of human experience. Their goal is to understand our human origins, our distinctiveness as a species, and our great diversity. There are many reasons for the study of anthropology. Studying humans, societies, and their behaviors provides a better understanding of our world. The past is studied to help interpret the present.

Anthropology is divided into three subfields; the sociocultural aspect that deals with interpreting the content of particular cultures, the biological aspect that studies a variety of aspects regarding human biology, and archeology which turns the spotlight on the remains of the past and present cultural systems.

Furthermore, studying these subfields allows anthropologists to use each other’s knowledge to better understand why humans act the way we do, and how it affects our physical, cultural, and social environments.


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